Friday, July 5, 2013

USA Flag Painting - Happy 4th!

My mom and I did another painting!
A flag in celebration of the 4th of July!
Freedom because of the brave!
What do you think?
We didn't go to a class for this one.
We painted it at home with our own canvases, paint, brushes and easel. We are practically pros at this point. Ha ha ha! At least that is what I tell myself!

We had seen this painting on one of our trips to Uptown Art and thought we could do it on our own. Hence how/why I have a picture of it.
This was a perfect painting to use as inspiration to do on our own. Very simple.
Basically all we did was look at the picture and use that as a jumping off point.

Mine is on the left and my mom's is on the right.
I started off with a dark blue background (made with blue and a touch of black) then added the white stripes followed by the red (made with red and a touch of black) stripes. I ended by added the white splotches.

We are both very happy with our finished products.
I am proud to display mine in my home - year round!

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July!

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