Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Super Duper Moon?

You know what happens when you don’t blog in a long time?
Like a month.
Nothing really.

Life goes on and you find others things to occupy your time. You do start to realize you take less and less pictures even on your ‘fancy’camera phone. Or I might just be taking fewer pictures because I really and truly live a very uneventful life. And I am okay with this. I enjoy not having anything to do after work. I like my routine. Then the weekend comes and Matt and I try to plan something, but it is so dang hot!
I hate the heat!
Soon it will be fall – I’ll be happy, then winter will arrive and I will complain it is too cold. Blah!

Anyways, I am in the mood to blog since I have nothing else to do therefore I want to blog about a picture I took almost 2 weeks ago.
The so-called Super Moon.
It was supposed to be 12% closer to the Earth than usual.
I thought, ‘WOW! I’ll stay up to see it and then snap a few pictures.’
Well, I did it and I was not impressed.
It didn’t appear any closer than normal.
To be fair, I did look at the moon shortly after nightfall. I heard it was much larger in the morning. Guess I should have woken up earlier to check it out.

Still glad I took part in this historical event, I just wish it had been more mind blowing.

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