Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rag Wreath with Flowers

Ever want to make a rag wreath that didn’t consist of taking strips of fabric and tying them in a knot? Not that anything is wrong with this type of wreath. I actually like it. Might even make one for my front door for fall.
I can imagine it already! It will be all fall colors such as oranges and browns.
OOOOoooo!!! How pretty! And inexpensive!
Guess I’ll have to blog about it after I actually make it.
Anyways, I am getting off subject…
Last night I made a rag wreath without tying a bunch of knots. Warning, I did tie some.
My wreath form was made from a Fun Noodle (can be bought at most dollar stores) that was cut in half and the ends were angled in order to form a circle. The circle form was completed by duct taping the ends together while someone held them together. This is definitely a two person job. Do not attempt on your own. You WILL fail! Make sure you duct tape it several times. It might come undone otherwise.
Once my form was established I took strips of fabric and layered them around my form one piece at a time.
(Sorry for the crappy phone pictures.)

As you can see, I tied the pieces on the backside and tucked them under other pieces to make my wreath’s back more flat.  I could have cut the ends, but I wanted to keep them in case they became loose. I also felt they were a little more secure being tucked under. You could really leave the back alone if you preferred.
Next step was to make some flowers. We were shown how to make roses and I was not successful. I wasn’t very good at keeping my fabric loose. Because of this, I cannot show you how to do this method even though they were beautiful. Maybe if I practice a bit more I can make them on a future wreath. Please don’t wait for this to happen though. I fear you will be waiting a very long time.
I did manage to learn a different flower.
Take a piece of fabric and fold it in half.
Along the folded side, use your scissors and cut slits along the entire length of the fabric.
You will then wrap the fabric either in a circle or around your finger with the non-folded side down. Wrapping around my finger seemed to be easier, but too loose. I preferred this method which is why most of mine were done this way.
Upon completion of each flower, I hot glued the ends to hold it together. After making several flowers, I glued them to my wreath.
I am no expert at the flower making process, (obviously) but I do like how my wreath turned out.
(Another crappy phone picture.)
Since I used a Fun Noodle for my wreath form I cannot display it on my front door due to the thickness. I think it will look good somewhere inside my house though. Just need to find the perfect spot.
One of these days I am going to need to get rid of some of my wreaths or else I need a specific wreath spot. I am running out of places to keep these when not in use.



  1. This looks very pretty. I think one for fall would be lovely in orange, brown, and gold. Love you honey. Mom