Saturday, July 20, 2013

Rag Rug Class

Last week I went to a free class on how to make a Rag Rug…
I had a nice time even though I was a little nervous when I first got there since I was all by myself and didn’t know anyone. I checked in and sat down while we waited for the others who signed up to show.  As more people showed up (11 in total counting me), I started to feel more relaxed. Most of the people there were older ladies. Older like my grandma’s age. I was the youngest person there! (I’m cool with this; I am just stating a fact.)

Our instructor was very good at explaining how to create this project.
She explained what we were using, difference in fabrics, the tools she used to cut the strips and how to create the rag rugs.

Beforehand, she had cut different types of fabric into .5 inch width by 5 inch long strips. This saved us bunches of time. She also cut down the ‘canvas’ which is really non-slip rug padding.
We picked out our colors we wanted to use, and then got to work.
Basically you take a piece of fabric and put it through any square hole, even up the 2 sides of the piece and tie it. You can go in every single hole or skip a few at a time. Whatever method you like. Our instructor recommend starting in the middle and moving your ‘canvas’ around so you didn’t put every piece of fabric in the same direction. I felt this was a good piece of advice. If you want yours more uniform, start at one end of the ‘canvas’.

Our class was approximately 2 hours and this is as far as I got:
You can see the size of my strips and the size of my 'canvas' very well in this picture.

That night after my class, I worked on it for another hour while I watched TV. Let me tell you, this is a good project to do while watching TV since it does not require much thought.
I have heard this about crocheting as well, but I have not mastered that skill at all.
Hopefully soon - I’m trying to join another crocheting class.
Last night I spent about 5 or 6 hours working on my rag rug and now it is done!
I am happy to have a finished product.
Please note my rag rug is a very small size. If you are making one for your home, it will take you MUCH longer. We were really just learning the skill to use on a future project.
I think the further along I got, the longer it took to work on. The sides started to bunch a little bit and I kept trying to keep it flat. Plus I had to work with what I had. I used only the plain blue strips when I started running low and then filled in with the other two colors.

When finishing, you can either go to the end of your ‘canvas’ or you can finish off your product with ribbon or tulle or whatever else you think would look nice.
I chose to leave two rows of squares empty - Either I will leave it that way or I will cut it off. I am going to display it on my wall (framed) or maybe drape it onto something. I don't know!

Fabric cons and pros:
The thicker fabric did fill the space quicker, but was harder to push through. The opposite is true for the thinner material. Perhaps you could find a fabric in the middle of these two??? I’m not sure. If I make a larger rag rug, I will try to use either thin towels or cotton t-shirts.
DO NOT wash your rag rug - it WILL fall apart!

Overall, this craft is extremely easy, but time consuming. The more holes you skip and the thicker material you use, the quicker your rug will be done. I am not sure I will make another one. To me, it seemed too time consuming.
I wanted to finish it though and display it somewhere in my house.  I didn’t want to just quit and then forget about it. Would have been a waste.


  1. Looks so cool! I know these types of crafts are time-consuming but so worth it. Especially when you can make them in front of the TV or on a long car ride. Proud of you!