Sunday, July 14, 2013

Grow Green Onion From Leftovers

Did you know certain veggies can be grown from the bottoms of the plant you just removed?

I'm not sure if that came out right - let me give you an example...

From a stalk of celery, you can remove the top 3/4 to use for whatever and leave the bottom portion in a bowl of water for a few days. You will then want to plant the bottom portion of the celery into dirt. Your celery will continue to grow from the remaining bottom portion. Cool, huh?
I have done this with celery, but was only able to get one additional stalk of celery due to me being too lazy to plant it into some soil.
If this is something you would do, don't even attempt. What will happen is after about 2 weeks of sitting in water on your window ledge, your celery will become soft and mushy and then develop some sort of mold.
Believe me, I will NOT make this mistake again. I had to throw it all out including my bowl!

Last weekend I bought some green onion for a breakfast casserole and I figured I might as well try it out with this veggie.
I cut the top 3/4 off to use and placed the remaining bottom section into a bowl of water. After about 5 days, I planted it all into a pot and left it out on my back deck.

Check it out:
Can you tell how much it has grown? It is so tall it doesn't even stand straight up anymore.
I wish I had taken a before picture.
I cut off the portion I needed and left the rest to grow again.
This grew very quickly - 6 days! I need to start looking up additional recipes in order to use up my supply.

You should try this out for yourself. If you do, let me know about your experience.


  1. Sounds interesting but somehow seems too good to be true and a little weird. But I am happy you're so jazzed!!

    1. Guess you will have to come over and see it in person...

    2. Planning a visit in late August! Then again in October for the big Glendale affair!