Saturday, July 27, 2013

Get Rid Of That Junk!

I am slowly going through my house and reorganizing and getting rid of stuff I no longer need. For me, this is a very hard task. I can’t help keeping everything I have obtained over the years. Yet, I sometimes feel like I will need those things at a later date. Especially certain things like decorations and craft supplies – who knows when I will want to use those items again! I would hate to have to re-buy them when I could have just kept them.
Again, this is the attitude I am trying to change...
I keep my decorations because I like to change out what is around my house. The problem is I don’t have enough room in my house to store everything. If I had a large walk-in closet in a basement, this wouldn’t be an issue. But I don’t have that lovely closet. I dream about my next house having one. I would neatly tuck everything away into totes and have them labeled and organized. Such a wonderful dream!
My crafting supplies get purchased then get never used. I always have good intentions – just never get around to actually doing anything with the different items. This will change (hopefully) as I try to make 10 of my Pinterest pins.
Matt and I live in a 3 bedroom, almost 1200 square feet house and somehow I have practically overtaken the guest bedroom closet with all my miscellaneous stuff (this is just one spot I have taken over).
Doesn’t look too bad, but I can assure you it is practically overflowing.
I figured this would be a good spot to start. (Perhaps next will be under the bed in here?)
See everything pulled out onto the bed? That doesn’t even include everything from the closet.
Here's my closet reorganized:
Top shelf has 3 shelves which are waiting to go on my living room walls. Below those are a stack of picture frames I need to display. Once those are on the walls I will have even MORE space!
If I am completely honest with you, I’ll let you in on a secret – I moved the paper out of the closet and put all my arts and craft items into the green Tupperware container. I cheated. I am not ready to get of everything yet. Maybe when a baby is on the way….
It feels good to have one closet done. A small accomplishment, but either way it is an accomplishment.
Maybe if I do one closet or one section a week I can have my house a bit more organized.

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  1. Looks good, Jess. De-crapifying is hard. =)