Friday, July 26, 2013

Beaded Fabric Necklace

I took another craft class – this time we learned how to make a Beaded Fabric Necklace.
This is basically a knotted fabric necklace with beads.
I liked this project and will probably make it again in the future. And let me tell you, this is EASY! If you know how to sew or how to use a sewing machine, you can easily do one of these in about 15 minutes. It took me about an hour since I didn’t really know how to sew. I also had to have the teacher explain the knot to me one on one. I didn’t really follow when she explained it to the group. This could have been because I was stressing a little about the sewing. I am glad I was sitting next to two older ladies who showed me how to sew the basic stitch. Wonderful skill I now know how to do. I need to learn how to correctly end my thread when I am running low. I was too timid to ask the ladies so I just do a back stitch (they taught me) and tucked it under.

Sewing needle and thread (or sewing machine)
Beads (we used wooded)

I don’t have any step by step pictures (which would have been nice), but I think this is easy enough to explain with words. At least I am hoping it will be easy to understand.

You will need to find some fabric you think would look nice and/or will match items in your closet and have it cut to the width of 5 or 6 inches. You will want to have the length of your fabric long. If you are buying this off a roll of fabric at the store, do not cut the length. This is perfect! The longer your fabric, the longer your necklace. Don’t stress about your fabric being too long - your fabric will get shorter as you knot and add beads.

After you have made your cut, fold your fabric in half with the side you don’t want showing on the outside. Do a simple stitch along the length of the fabric to combine the two sides. Leave about two fingers of space from either end where you do not stitch.
This will make your fabric tube like once you are done.
Next you will turn the material inside out. Be careful not to pull your stitch out.

Now is the fun part…. Add a bead into your fabric and twist both sides around the bead. You will twist and knot the fabric to your liking. Start with a loose knot and slowly work it into a tighter knot. If your knot is too loose, your bead will be able to move around and this is not something you want. You will be the one determining how stiff your necklace will be in the end.

For mine, I added a large bead in the middle, 2 tight knots on either side of the bead and then 2 smaller beads on each side of the larger bead with less tight knots in between them.

You can place your beads inside your fabric or you can have them over your fabric. Ladies in my class did both ways.
As for the endings of the necklace, we tied them in the back. You can easily go to a craft store and add a latch or Velcro or anything else your creative mind can think of to attach the ends. I personally like the tying – simple and inexpensive.
If you don’t want to use this as a necklace, it was suggested you can use this for a bracelet or headband. Both were tried out in my class and I thought they looked cute.
P.S. I wore my necklace to work today with jeans and a black shirt. J

(Okay, maybe I am not as good as explaining as I thought I would be… You can always Google a better tutorial.)

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