Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mega Loathe Windows 8

I’m very frugal - as if you didn’t already know. Plus I am trying to save money for all my cruising fun!
I bought the least expensive computer I could that came with the I5 processor (which I wanted). On sale at OfficeMax for $519.99 this week.
And it has Windows 8.
I loathe Windows 8
No, correction…. I mega loathe Windows 8.
What a horrible program! It is NOT user friendly! They lie! I want my start menu back RIGHT NOW!

I can see how it would be nice to have the program on a touch screen computer, but I have your standard laptop computer. No touch screen for me. I didn’t want one. Nor did I want to spend the extra money.
My friend told me I can pay $5 for Windows 7 and I think I am going to go that route. My husband kept telling me last night I could return this computer and pay the 15% restocking fee and we would find a different one with Windows 7.

He’s so sweet!
However, I would rather pay $5 to change this computer's Windows program.
We didn’t realize this was an option last night.

Why do I mega loathe Windows 8?
What a GREAT question!
I have a perfect example as to why...

Yesterday when I opened my new computer I booted it up and followed all the prompts.
No, it really was simple.
In the pretty colored new Windows 8 menu I found and selected Internet Explorer and then I proceeded to go to the web pages I frequent. Well, I got to the first page just fine, but when I went to go to my next website, I couldn't find the bar where you type in the web address. I looked and looked and looked. I dragged my mouse everywhere the nice man at the store had told me to go looking for it. I came up with no address bar. The nice man at the store did show me how to get 'home'. I then opened another Internet Explorer and did the whole process all over again. Same problem! So then I go back to the home screen and just click a bunch of different colored tiles. Had no clue how to 'X' out of them. I mean really?!?!? What were you all thinking when you made this program???
Eventually I find my wonderful tile bringing me to what almost looks like a regular computer screen. At least, what I am used to looking at.
Regular screens!
Oh, wait a minute - now I have a new issue. Internet Explorer wants to keep closing out. AHHHHH!!! Seriously???
I remained calm and started to look for my Windows Update. Very easy to find with a Start menu. Not easy with stupid Windows 8 since it has no START menu.
After a few minutes of not finding it, I decided to go to the horrible Internet Explorer from the tiles and Google it with my one chance in the web address tool bar.
Found it! Yes!
But it just told me how to find it on Windows 8. Again AHHHHHH!!!!

Thankfully it was mush easier this time and I was able to find it. I had 44 updates. Once updates were installed and the computer re-started, I was good to go.
My Internet Explorer is working so well in the area which looks familiar to me except for it has no START menu that I am able to type this blog post.

As for the good things about Windows 8 - I can only say the colors are pretty and I am thankful I can get to a screen that looks somewhat familiar.
The computer itself has wonderful good specs - I can tell it is faster than my old one. Has a better screen too.
I’m going to be smart this time and not download iTunes. I am going to keep my old computer for this particular program. I think it slows down my computer. I could be wrong - just my perception. I am also going to use it to print coupons as well. Now I have 3 computers to print coupons. That equals 6 of the same coupons total. Whoo hoo!

Who needs to buy a $3 newspaper?
Not this girl!
I bought 2 this past weekend and even though I clipped some, I always end up feeling ripped off. I miss when they were $2 each. I especially miss when you could buy them at the Dollar Tree.  What happened to those days?

Great, now I am an ‘old’ person reminiscing about the old days.
I might as well add I miss when gas was cheaper, eggs were $0.99 a carton
and when you could go to Hollywood Videos to rent some movies.
And I’m not even 30 yet!