Friday, May 3, 2013

Wedding Invitation Ornament

Like all newlyweds, I kept EVERYTHING from my wedding.
It all has special meaning to me us. I cannot stand the thought of parting with any of it. So therefore I'm not going to. I KNOW I will use or display everything somewhere.
A few months year ago I saw this great idea on Pinterest to turn our wedding announcement into a keepsake ornament.
I thought 'You will never make the scrapbook you keep buying stuff for I should make one of those' 'What a great idea'. I proceeded by pinning it and then never making it.
Typical of me. I am always the person with good ideas/intentions then never follow through.
Even though it would have been perfect on my Christmas tree.
Fast forward to Christmas evening - I opened a big boxed gift from Matt - he had gotten me a paper cutter like I had been wanting. YAY!
Then while shopping the after Christmas deals at Target I came across the perfect clear ball to use. At 75% off I might add!
I bet you can guess where I am going with this....
I finally made my ornament!
All I did was cut my wedding invitation into even sized strips and curled them around a marker. I then placed each strip into my clear ball.
Only, it didn't look very good. I didn't have enough curled strips in my ball to make it full.
People must be using smaller balls.
Or they really use more than one invitation/announcement and just don't admit it.
So I did what anyone in my position would do... I cut and curled another wedding invitation.
But now it was too full. AHHH!
In the end, I removed all the strips of my invitation that had no words on them.
Beautiful, huh?
I did attempt to use a purple ribbon from my wedding to tie it all together. It just looked horrible. I am not good at making bows.
Perhaps I can enlist the help of my number one reader? You know who you are - mom. :)
For now, I like the purple tassel. The only thing wrong with it is it's not from our wedding.
Whenever I go to a wedding in the future, I will be sure to make this for the bride and groom with the invitation they send to me. I think it would make a nice topper to a gift.
I would have been very happy to have this gift on my wedding day.

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