Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The One with All the Food

Do you notice the FRIENDS reference? If not, Google FRIENDS’ episode titles.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day! I know we did!
Just like every other weekend, this one went by way too quickly. Seems like I blink and then it's Monday morning all over again. Why can’t the work week go by as quickly? I blink at work and only a few seconds go by! Not fair!
We knew Sunday would be busy at any restaurant; therefore we celebrated the holiday on Saturday. We let each mom decide where they wanted to go or what they wanted to do.
Lunch with him mommy followed by dinner with mine.
Matt’s mom wanted O ‘Charley’s where I ate a yummy chicken salad.
For dinner, my mom and her husband grilled everything you see here:
It was all delicious!
As you can see, I piled as much as I could on my plate. He he he! Kinda hard to see what all is exactly on my plate, but you get the picture. (Get it? LOL!)
After dinner we cooked some marshmallows over the fire pit and made smores.
MMMMmmmmmmmm!!!!!! My favorite!
Do you see my brother’s concoction?
This was taken right before my brother’s graham cracker ‘melted’ and fell to the ground.
Who would have guessed this was a bad idea???
Not me! I wouldn't have even mentioned it was a bad idea while he was doing it. Nor would I have told him to eat the chocolate off the ground. Nope, not me. :)
The evening was spectacular for a cookout – nice weather, no pesky bugs and great company.
Matt’s mom made us homemade chicken noodle soup for lunch on Sunday.
I sure wish I could have ate the entire bowl she made me. I was stuffed though!
She followed that up with packing us non-sushi sushi rolls to go which we ate that evening for dinner once we got home. I can never get enough of these things! Something about the seaweed wrap and the sticky rice get me every time.
I really do need to learn to cook some of these dishes. Makes my mouth salivate just thinking about them.
Here's how they look before being cut.
I don't know why it never dawned on me as to how these were made. DUH!
A girl can get used to all this yummy food!
I feel like this weekend I was spoiled with all sorts of goodies for my tummy.
You would think it would motivate me to cook.
You would be wrong if you did think that! Yesterday Matt cooked and today I went to McDonald's.
Shame on me!
P.S. Not sure why my paragraphs have different fonts and sizes - nothing I do is making it all the same. It's late and I give up trying to correct it!

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