Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Painted Angel

Friday I left work early to head down to Tennessee since my mom, Matt’s sister (L) and I decided to do a painting class. This was going to be L’s first time and I was looking forward to her experiencing it with us. My mom and I both immensely enjoy these classes and I feel it is fun watching someone new experience the same joys we feel.
And I think we have her hooked... She would like to paint again. Mission accomplished!
We decided to paint an angel. First time my mom and I have painted a 'person'.
Here are the end products:
From left to right: Mine, my mom’s and L’s
Our one picture together and it is a little blurry.
Darn it! I need to remember and always ask people to take two! Two please!
Good thing we took a few pictures with two of us at a time.
Check out my angel's curly hair - just like mine!
Here's L's and mine:

 Mine and my mom's:
Can you tell I need to work on my shading?
Can you tell my halo should have extender out further?

You say 'yes' to all of the above?
That's not very nice. You should lie and tell me it is beautiful! It's the proper thing to do.

Oh! You said 'no' to the above?
Well that's very kind of you, but I know my shading needs work and I should have extended my halo out further.

I think, for the most part, the outcome of the painting is based on who the instructor is and how well they can teach.
Luckily, we had Sara. My mom and I are pretty sure she was the teacher for our Starry Night painting. 
She is amazing!
Very easy to follow and very thorough. Next painting I sign up for I plan on calling the studio to find out which paintings she is teaching. I would prefer her over any other instructor we have had.

Here's my painting step by step:
She had the outline prepared for us. I like this since we didn't have to worry about getting everything in the right spot. Made it much easier. My hands are too small to be measuring down four fingers worth of length!
Does my angel look pregnant to you?
 She does to me.

I LOVE how this turned out!
It is ALMOST a self-portrait. (Minus the reddish hair that should have been a light brown.)

Ha ha ha! What??? I can be an angel! :)

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