Monday, May 27, 2013

Awesome Zoo Captures

Day 2 of mine and Matt's one year anniversary weekend was just as wonderful as Day 1.
We decided to go to the Louisville Zoo.
No, this was not a new experience for us, but it had been about a year since I allowed our membership to expire.
In my defense, I couldn't justify the cost when we were no longer going to the zoo. We did re-join yesterday since I figured we will probably go a few times this year.
At the very least, for the Dippin Dots. Which by the way we did get to enjoy yesterday.
I had banana split and Matt had cookies and cream. Which means I still have three more flavors to try in my near future.
Yes, I have tried them all before. I just haven't tried them in 2013.
Dippin Dots are THE BEST!
I love feeling those 'pellets' on ice cream melt on my tongue. :)

We saw some animals.
Lots of them.
I captured my favorites on camera....

My number one favorite animal sighting of the day was this beautiful grizzly bear:
He was right up on the glass in the water and stayed there moving his head above and below the water for like ten minutes.
I was a little worried about him being trapped there. I kept imagining the worst - him tiring himself out to the point of not being able to move.
I think he must have been trying to escape.
Or else he saw us humans and was hungry.
So cute, but so pitiful.
I felt bad for him.
Don't you? You aren't getting the full experience of seeing him with these pictures.
 At least until he turned around and started swimming back to shore.
Didn't last long before he came back to the glass to bob up and down.
What was he doing????
We enjoyed a show by Bart the sea lion.
Such a ham!
I wanna cuddle with this guy too!
 He did his tricks very well.
I still love the giraffes!
I caught the 'momma' giraffe with her mouth open.
Got to see the elephants eat what we think was bamboo.
They step on it to break it apart and then eat the stem and all.
When we first went by the lion's area they were not out.
While watching the elephants we heard the lions roaring. Next thing we know everyone was going towards them. So of course we had to as well. 
I started with a bear and I am ending with a bear.
Check out this sweet looking polar bear.

We ended day 3, today, with some minor car repairs which cost almost $350. Darn it!
Either way, we had a nice relaxing first anniversary weekend!

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