Saturday, April 20, 2013

Picture Overload for Mid April

I don't enjoy blogging as much as I once used to. Not sure why - don't really have a reason. Because of this, I tend to take less nonsense pictures and then when I do feel like writing, I have nothing to show you.
Bad excuse. I agree.
Let's just move on and forget I ever said anything.
Matt's mom went to Korea in March.
She took some pictures. A few pictures. Very few.
Me, I take hundreds and then delete a few once I am home.
Matt's mom, took a few and kept those few.
Here are two I liked from around where she was:
 I have no idea where these are from - so don't ask me.
I do know she brought us home some goodies such as:
 THE best stuff ever! I wish I could buy these here.
We always ask for more whenever she goes there. They don't even sell these are the Korean store here.
I specifically requested these. I wanted some authentic made in Korea ones. The spoons were a bonus.
Socks also made in Korea
I love gifts!
She made us some yummy Korean snack food... which I have already forgotten what it was called.
Every time we are visit Matt's mom I always use his sister's hair product.
I finally had to ask her where she buys it since Walgreen's and Target do not seem to sell it.
 Not only did she tell me where, she also gave me the bottle since she hardly ever uses it.
This stuff looks wonderful on me!
We had a Groupon so we painted more ceramic.
This is what happens when you aren't really excited to paint but you have to use your Groupon before it expires.
Mediocre artwork.
I finally took out my old Perler beads and googled some neat things to make.
I did have an elephant but he got messed up.
My library had a drawling and I won two books.
While driving, Matt and I saw a beautiful rainbow after a quick rain shower.
My mom knitted me a beautiful scarf which I wore to work today.
There you have it.
All the good pictures from my phone over the last 2 weeks.
I am glad I was able to share them with you. :)

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