Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Jesus Christ Rose From The Dead

Happy belated Easter!
I hope everyone had a nice holiday filled with yummy food and good memories!

Matt and I spent the day at home - me cleaning a little around the house and him installing our new dishwasher. Which by the way is VERY quiet! I am very impressed!
Lowe's employees, I am sorry you had to work on Easter. I am even more sorry that my husband was forced to go to your store and buy a few pieces for our dishwasher. We truly do try to not shop on major holidays. I am a hypocrite because I do love shopping late on Thanksgiving night/early on black Friday. But that's the only exception to my policy - I promise! The stores have suckered me into going even earlier then I would like to be there. If it makes you feel any better, I did work in retail almost 5 years at a department store where ALL employees worked the day after Thanksgiving.

In between watching a bunch of movies on TV, I also cooked us a lovely feast for the occasion:
I baked a ham, green bean casserole, rolls,  potatoes, steamed carrots and steamed broccoli.
And I must point out this was all by myself! Martha Stewart has NOTHING on me! Except she knows how to cook millions of things and is very crafty when it comes to sewing and decorating and accessorizing, but besides those things....

This was my plate. My eyes were MUCH bigger then my stomach since I only ate about half of this plate.
I should have made a desert, but we ate ice cream bars.

We ended the evening watching Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory - LOVE this show!!!
We did DVR the last installment of the Bible which I will probably watch sometimes this week. :)

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