Thursday, March 28, 2013

Stuffed Animal Zoo

Months ago... maybe a year ago.... definitely before I got married.... I saw the coolest thing on Pinterest.
A cage like zoo for children to hold all of there stuffed animals. The neatest part of this zoo is you could easily remove any of your favorite stuffed animals - even the ones at the bottom.
So I pinned it along with my other 2000 pins that I want to make or buy and then I promptly forgot all about it.
I thought for sure this zoo was something someone had made and it was something I would never own.

Today I got home from work about 10 minutes early which meant I had time to stop at the thrift store to see if they had anything good.

They did!

Laying down on the floor, in plain view for all to see, without a price on it was THE ZOO!
I instantly went to the cashier to ask how much it was and she asked me how much was I willing to pay.
I was about to say $5 when she told me her price.
I am ecstatic!
Yes, I am aware I do not have any children. But, what you might not known is I have a small collection of giraffes to go in here. I have so many that I no longer buy them since I have no where to put them. I guess I can start buying them again.
Imagine me grinning like the cat who got the mouse.

I am thinking I will paint it and then add it to my guest room. It looks a bit boring unfinished.
One day when we do have children, they will already have a collection started. I am so smart sometimes!

When I got home today I looked for my Pinterest pin so I could link it here... and when I clicked onto the link I went HERE
Can you believe this thing costs $157???
I would NEVER in a million years pay that amount of money!
Boy did I stumble onto a good deal!

Speaking of things that I want to paint, Matt's mom gave me this lovely piece of furniture that I either want to paint white or stain dark cherry wood.
I think painting will be easier, but I think the dark cherry wood will look better.
Much better.
I'll have to put a little more thought into this one.
I have THE perfect plan for this piece. I'll be sure to blog about it once I actually complete the project.

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