Sunday, March 17, 2013

Louisville Mega Cavern

A few months ago I brought a Groupon for Louisville Mega Cavern Historic Tram Tour which we finally used today. Normal price is $13.50/person.
Today was a perfect day for an underground tour since it was cold and rainy.
Inside the cavern the temperature is aways around 58 degrees. Make sure you bring a jacket.

The tour guide drove this Jeep and pulled us behind him.

I wish I had taken a few pictures outside before our tour. It was only drizzling when we first got there and then when we were leaving it was pouring! 

This place has four entrances - you can see two of them in this picture:
Mega Cavern is made of limestone and consists of 4,000,000 square feet of space.
Can you even begin to imagine how large that is?
The cavern is under all ten lanes of I-264, the Louisville Zoo, K-Mart, and Wendy's - just to name the big landmarks.
Currently, they have a section of the cavern for an environmentally-conscious high security commercial storage facility for 14 companies. One of the those companies is the Kentucky Highway Department and they store road salt. Our tour guide, Don, allowed us to touch this stuff. He told the kids not to bother taking it home. Said it would 'eat' through there clothes within a week. I was quick to drop it once we were told that piece of information.
PODS is another company who has storage in the cavern.
Individual people can rent storage space for boats and RVs.

Many lakes are down here:
In the winter they have 'Mega Cavern Lights Under Louisville' where you can drive your car through these man made caves and view thousands of Christmas lights.
I told Matt I would like to go this coming Christmas. The event has been going on for two years (I think he said) and we need to have this experience. In case you didn't already know, I LOVE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!!
Near the end of the tour you get to see worms being 'recycled'.
They have these worms for there poop. That poop is used in fertilizers. How random, huh?
Before leaving this section, our tour guide ate one!
He actually ate one. It wasn't a gummy worm either. Prior to eating it he took a small container around our tram to show us the worms in it.
Assuming he does this ever tour, everyday, he sure eats a lot of worms!

Here's some views of the cavern:
And during the Cuban Missile Crisis, this was a fallout shelter:
They even had water and food stored down here!
If you are ever in the Louisville area, I recommend you go on this historic tram tour.
Well worth the experience! Hopefully your tour guide is Don who was wonderful! He was very knowledgeable on the cavern and he seemed to really enjoy his job. I even liked his corny jokes!

While here, you can go on the zip line tour. This is something Matt would like to do in the future. I agreed to do it with him if certain circumstances are met. I'll be sure to blog about THAT experience when we do it. :)


  1. Awesome! I always want to go there but forget. Happy you had a good time. :-)