Monday, March 25, 2013

Easy Freezer Burritos

Are you like me in the morning before work?

Do you barely have enough time to get everything done?
Would you rather sleep in an extra 5 minutes instead of doing something you could already have done?

I decided to try streamlining my breakfast routine by laying out my clothes the night before having breakfast ready.
I am trying to make and drink smoothies before work, but some days I simply do not have time and/or I do not feel like drinking one.

My solution....

Frozen breakfast burritos.
I took cooked bacon (the real stuff), eggs, mushrooms, onions and cheese wrapped in a tortilla shell and wrapped them in plastic wrap then foil then placed them inside a freezer bag.

What a mouthful!

Here's what I did a little more broken down:

Cook ingredients to go into burritos.
Add desired amount of ingredients into eash tortilla shell.
Wrap tortilla shells into a burrito.
Seal burritos with plastic wrap.
Wrap plastic wrapped burritos into foil.
Place burritos wrapped in foil into freezer bags.

Label and date freezer bags.
Place freezer bags into freezer.
When running late or just hungry for a breakfast burrito, remove burritos from freezer bag, foil and plastic wrap. Place frozen burrito onto moist paper towel on a plate. Cook in the microwave in 30 or 45 second intervals until your burrito is fully thawed.
So simple!