Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dr. Oz's 3-Day Detox Cleanse

Weight Watchers hasn’t been working out so well for me.
99.9% my fault.
I do very well with my eating during the week while at work, but once I am home, I find myself eating all sorts of things I shouldn’t be eating in large quantities. Clearly I still need to work on my portion control.
To jumpstart this plan (portion control), I have decided to try Doctor Oz’s 3 Day Detox Cleanse starting today.
Over the weekend, my mom had shown me an episode of Dr. Oz where he was talking about this cleanse and I thought it seemed like a wonderful thing to try since it is suppose to restart your metabolism.
I thought, ‘Just what I need!’
After looking up additional information online and looking at every blog I could possibly find talking about this cleanse (surprisingly not many), I knew without a doubt I wanted to give it a try and I wanted my husband to as well.
He agreed.
I think he is doing it more for me then himself. I think he knows how much I need someone going through the ‘pain’ with me. He’s such a good man!
With my shopping list freshly printed from the internet, I went EVERYWHERE after work yesterday! At least that’s what it seemed like when I was going in and out of each store and then didn’t get home until much later than usual.
I decided to keep track of everything I bought and how much it cost so you could 1.) know if you want to spend the money for this cleanse, 2.) compare your shopping list prices to mine and 3.) for me to know the prices at each store for future reference.
I enjoy a good bargain as much as the next person.
What I bought:
Raspberries - $1.99/16 oz (1) @ Aldi’s and $2.49/12 oz (3) @ Trader Joe’s
Blueberries - $1.99/16 oz (4) @ Aldi’s
Mangos - $2.69/24 oz (2) @ Trader Joe’s
Pineapple - $1.79/16 oz (3) @ Trader Joe’s
Green Apples - $0.79 each (5) @ Trader Joe’s
Bananas - $01.62 (1) @ Kroger
Lemons - $1.99 (2) @ Trader Joe’s
Limes - $1.99 (1) @ Trader Joe’s
Kale - $1.99 (2) @ Trader Joe’s
Avocados - $0.49 (3) @ Aldi’s
Cucumbers - $0.64 (7) @ Kroger
Spinach – $4.48 (1) @ Sam’s Club
Celery - $2.48 (2) @ Sam’s Club
Coconut Water - $3.69/1 Liter (3) @ Whole Foods
Almond Milk - $2.50/1 Liter (1) @ Whole Foods
Cayenne Pepper Spice - $1.99 (1) @ Trader Joe’s
Ground Flaxseed - $2.69/16 oz (1) @ Whole Foods
Almond Butter - $5.99/16 oz (1) @ Trader Joe’s
Coconut Oil - $5.99/16 oz (1) @ Trader Joe’s
Green Tea Bags - had on hand
Stevia - $1.99/ 40 count (1) @ Aldi’s
Lavender Drops – HAVEN’T BOUGHT – EXPENSIVE!!!
Epsom Salt – had on hand
Multivitamin – Matt’s $8.59/120 count (1) @ Kroger and had mine (1) on hand
Omega 3 - $6.74/60 count (1) @ Kroger
Probiotic - $9.99/30 count (2) @ Kroger
Not including any tax, I spent a total of $126.61 which makes it approximately $63.31 per person at about $21.11 per day for three days.
That’s a bit more than the $16 Dr. Oz claimed it would cost. Especially considering I already had a few of the items on hand and Matt and I are sharing some of the items.
So my question is, ‘Where did you go shopping Dr. Oz?
This morning I woke up an hour early in order to make breakfast, lunch and snack shakes for both myself and Matt. I should have made six total shakes, but only had enough time to make five of them. Due to all the different individual prepping, I wasn’t even sure if I would have my lunch shake done in time before I had to leave for work.
Luckily it all worked out. Matt just had to make his own lunch before he left for work.
As you can see, the breakfast shake filled one tall glass.
I thought it had a nice taste. I really only tasted the almond butter and raspberries. When I got to the bottom of my shake I did taste the lemon a bit. This didn’t bother me though. I would have preferred some additional sugar, but I told myself I didn’t need it.
Matt reported that he did not like this shake. He said all he could taste was the almond butter. Unfortunately, this is also his snack shake. Won't be tomorrow - I promise!
My schedule before and while at work:
I drank the tea around 5:30 AM and the breakfast shake around 6 AM.
By 8:30 AM, I was starving!
STARVING like MARVIN! He he he!
At 10:30 AM I was still hungry and my tummy was rumbling a bit. I could hardly wait until 11:00 AM which I decided would be my set lunch time. I usually eat at 11:30 or 12:00.
The lunch shake was very different from the breakfast shake.
Please ignore the stained container.
Mine filled a large Tupperware container - made it very easy to bring to work.
After adding all the ingredients into the blender and pressing the ‘blend’ button, the ingredients barely moved. Not enough liquid. I decided to add a little more than half a cup of water. I figured this was okay since I was drinking water one way or another. Could be why this shake is much larger than the breakfast shake.
This lunch shake was NASTY!
It looked like I had blended up grass clippings and it tasted like dandelions. Or at least what I imagine dandelions tasting like. I drank most of it. I couldn’t get it all down. I tried. I really did.
Matt thought it tasted like grass, flowers and poop all blended together. Not the good flowers either. He’s a trooper though and sucked it all down his gullet!
Ha ha ha! If he read this post he will love that word – ‘gullet’.
He told me tomorrow he will eat the cucumber and celery separately and blend everything else together. As for me, I will use all the same ingredients and try to tweak this a bit. I’m not sure I can stomach that awfulness again.
I’ll let you know how it turns out.
For my afternoon snack at 3 PM, I had another breakfast shake ready to drink. It had sat in the refrigerator at work all day and it tasted like it got sweeter. Yummy! Needless to say, I drank this one down with ease. Was like a treat!
And last but not least was dinner.
I ate dinner around 7 PM. I probably could have gone even longer before eating - just didn't want to eat to late. Plus I wanted to finish this blog entry and get it posted.
The dinner shake is wonderful! Definetly my favorite! I think it will be Matt's as well. Too bad it is the most expensive one to make. I can already tell I will need more cocunut water since I KNOW Matt doesn't want the other two shakes for his snacks and I would perfer this one. Guess my price totals will be going up.
It tastes JUST LIKE a regular smoothie. Very sweet and creamy!
I hardly put any cayenne pepper in it and I did remove the large stems from the kale.
I really do hope this detox cleanse helps motivate Matt and I to continue eating better.
I desperately want and need to lose weight!
Now I'm off to relaxe in my epison salt bath. No lavender.

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