Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dr. Oz's 3-Day Detox Cleanse Day 2

Day 2 of the Doctor Oz Detox Cleanse started off awful!
Completely awful!
I woke up with the worst headache that would not quit!
If I was a drama queen I would start saying things like 'I thought I was dying!' or something equally dramatic. Good thing I'm no drama queen! Ha!
Before leaving for work I made our shakes, drank my tea and then my breakfast shake. I was already wanting to stay home with my headache when it got even worse - I became very nauseated on the way to work to the point of opening my lunch bag so I could puke into it if needed. Thankfully, I didn’t have to use it. Somehow I managed to keep it chocked down.
Once at work, I decided to eat some pistachios and pretzels to see if my nausea and headache would go away. I also took some Advil. It took about three hours for me to fully feel like myself again.
I wanted to quit.
I wanted to go to Subway and get me a sandwich.
Or even to a nearby vending machine.
But nope, I wasn't going to let my small moment of sickness completely wreck what I was working hard to do. Even though I cheated by eating food other then the shakes, I have decided to let it go and continue on.
I had called my mom who told me the sickness was probably my body’s way of reacting to the detox cleanse. I don’t doubt that to be true. However, I am not sure I would have made it if I hadn’t ate something. I do wish I had only ate the pistachios though.
Lunch meant drinking that same nasty shake form yesterday. I drank one forth of it and couldn’t continue. I threw it out. I would rather starve then drink that crap! The smell alone is bad enough to make me want to throw it away. Tomorrow I am NOT adding celery or cucumber to the shake.
I had my afternoon snack roughly around the same time as yesterday. I had the breakfast drink which I still think tastes good even though I am starting to get sick of it. Only one more day!
I did drink it as fast as I could.
My dinner shake was still tasty. 
I am going to use this shake for tomorrow’s snack opposed to the breakfast one. If I make four more dinner ones (two for me and two for Matt) I will have used up all the coconut water which means I bought exactly the right amount.
Matt has done wonderful!
Luckily, he did not wake up sick like me.
He drank the tea and breakfast shake with no problem. For the lunch shake he made two. He said one shake consisted of the cucumber, celery and kale while the other one consisted of everything else.
He liked the second shake. Hated the first one.
He hasn’t ate any solid food and I am very proud of him for sticking with this cleanse even when I have struggled.
Two days down, one more to go.
Thank goodness!
I am pretty sure I can't handle this sort of diet anymore then the three days. I can hardly wait to wake up on Saturday morning and make a real breakfast for us. I’m thinking – eggs, bacon and biscuits!
Real bacon!
Not the precooked bacon I usually buy.
Although – maybe bacon is too fatty of a food for us to be eating…. I’ll have to think this through a bit more. I just know I want something good to eat. You know, something to look forward to after this is all done.
I shouldn't look forward to food! This is part of the reason I have packed on the pounds!
Below are some pictures of the delicious foods I have made over the last two weeks and never got around to showing off.
I am posting them now since this blog post has no pictures.
Plus, I enjoy looking at them. Pretending I can eat them. Right. Now.
My lovely jalapeno pepperoni rolls:
My favorite part is the bottom of each roll where all the grease from the pepperoni and cheeses have caramelized!
Makes my mouth water just thinking about them. 

Fried chicken 'strips':
My favorite homemade dinner.
I think we ate these twice within a week's time span.
Best after being freshly made, but also good warmed up and dipped in BBQ sauce the next day.

Chocolate chip cookies:
Enough said.
P.S. All three above items were made from scratch..... with love!


  1. little 'marie barone'! Glad the day got better. Really proud of you both. Love you - mom.