Saturday, March 30, 2013

Birthday Weekend

Happy Birthday to my Matthew!!!
We started Matt's birthday celebration weekend yesterday, and I gotta say, we have been having a nice time.

First, he got a new dishwasher:
Ha ha ha!
Just joking! The dishwasher is for both of us! Ours stopped working properly a few weeks ago and we have finally replaced it. Matt just has to install it tomorrow.
I can hardly wait until we can stop washing dishes by hand. :)
And yes, that is Robert De Niro from Meet the Fockers on the TV. This weekend we have a free trial to HBO and Cinemax - same movies are on that were on when we had these channels. Go figure! And they wonder why we cancelled these channels!

Matt is one lucky man when it comes to birthday gifts...
I got him some soda mix for his sodastream, some clothing and a fishing pole (not pictured).
Can you believe we found these 3 jackets and 2 pants at JC Penny's for $5 each!
Can't even buy just the jacket for $25 normally.

For Matt's main birthday meal he wanted Joe's Crab Shack.

Appetizer (minus a few):
 My steam pot:
 Matt's steam pot:

Don't worry, Matt has been having a nice time doing other stuff besides getting gifts and eating.  :)


  1. Dinner looks good! We should try to make that at home!

  2. We should! Wouldn't be too hard.
    I have already made crab legs at home before.