Saturday, March 30, 2013

Birthday Weekend

Happy Birthday to my Matthew!!!
We started Matt's birthday celebration weekend yesterday, and I gotta say, we have been having a nice time.

First, he got a new dishwasher:
Ha ha ha!
Just joking! The dishwasher is for both of us! Ours stopped working properly a few weeks ago and we have finally replaced it. Matt just has to install it tomorrow.
I can hardly wait until we can stop washing dishes by hand. :)
And yes, that is Robert De Niro from Meet the Fockers on the TV. This weekend we have a free trial to HBO and Cinemax - same movies are on that were on when we had these channels. Go figure! And they wonder why we cancelled these channels!

Matt is one lucky man when it comes to birthday gifts...
I got him some soda mix for his sodastream, some clothing and a fishing pole (not pictured).
Can you believe we found these 3 jackets and 2 pants at JC Penny's for $5 each!
Can't even buy just the jacket for $25 normally.

For Matt's main birthday meal he wanted Joe's Crab Shack.

Appetizer (minus a few):
 My steam pot:
 Matt's steam pot:

Don't worry, Matt has been having a nice time doing other stuff besides getting gifts and eating.  :)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Talking About My Best Friend...

Recently, we had the pleasure of dog sitting Matt's mom's dog - Rusty - while she was out of town.
I knew everything would go smoothly, I just thought my little Wyatt would be absolutely jealous of any other dog getting attention. And at first, he was. Jealous enough to the point where he almost seemed like he was pouting and didn't want to sit with us.
But after a few days, they really seemed to get along with each other. They were at the very least tolerating each other. This is a bit surprising since both dogs are older and prefer to not be around other dogs.
They are both big momma boys and that's pretty much the only person they want to be with.
As in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Sometimes Wyatt likes being with Matt.
So because of this, you get to endure looking at several pictures of two adorable little guys.
Please feel free to say 'ohhhhh' and 'ahhhhh' after any and all pictures.
I know I will!
Adorable just like I said, huh?

Wyatt looks GIANT before his haircut! LOL!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Stuffed Animal Zoo

Months ago... maybe a year ago.... definitely before I got married.... I saw the coolest thing on Pinterest.
A cage like zoo for children to hold all of there stuffed animals. The neatest part of this zoo is you could easily remove any of your favorite stuffed animals - even the ones at the bottom.
So I pinned it along with my other 2000 pins that I want to make or buy and then I promptly forgot all about it.
I thought for sure this zoo was something someone had made and it was something I would never own.

Today I got home from work about 10 minutes early which meant I had time to stop at the thrift store to see if they had anything good.

They did!

Laying down on the floor, in plain view for all to see, without a price on it was THE ZOO!
I instantly went to the cashier to ask how much it was and she asked me how much was I willing to pay.
I was about to say $5 when she told me her price.
I am ecstatic!
Yes, I am aware I do not have any children. But, what you might not known is I have a small collection of giraffes to go in here. I have so many that I no longer buy them since I have no where to put them. I guess I can start buying them again.
Imagine me grinning like the cat who got the mouse.

I am thinking I will paint it and then add it to my guest room. It looks a bit boring unfinished.
One day when we do have children, they will already have a collection started. I am so smart sometimes!

When I got home today I looked for my Pinterest pin so I could link it here... and when I clicked onto the link I went HERE
Can you believe this thing costs $157???
I would NEVER in a million years pay that amount of money!
Boy did I stumble onto a good deal!

Speaking of things that I want to paint, Matt's mom gave me this lovely piece of furniture that I either want to paint white or stain dark cherry wood.
I think painting will be easier, but I think the dark cherry wood will look better.
Much better.
I'll have to put a little more thought into this one.
I have THE perfect plan for this piece. I'll be sure to blog about it once I actually complete the project.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Easy Freezer Burritos

Are you like me in the morning before work?

Do you barely have enough time to get everything done?
Would you rather sleep in an extra 5 minutes instead of doing something you could already have done?

I decided to try streamlining my breakfast routine by laying out my clothes the night before having breakfast ready.
I am trying to make and drink smoothies before work, but some days I simply do not have time and/or I do not feel like drinking one.

My solution....

Frozen breakfast burritos.
I took cooked bacon (the real stuff), eggs, mushrooms, onions and cheese wrapped in a tortilla shell and wrapped them in plastic wrap then foil then placed them inside a freezer bag.

What a mouthful!

Here's what I did a little more broken down:

Cook ingredients to go into burritos.
Add desired amount of ingredients into eash tortilla shell.
Wrap tortilla shells into a burrito.
Seal burritos with plastic wrap.
Wrap plastic wrapped burritos into foil.
Place burritos wrapped in foil into freezer bags.

Label and date freezer bags.
Place freezer bags into freezer.
When running late or just hungry for a breakfast burrito, remove burritos from freezer bag, foil and plastic wrap. Place frozen burrito onto moist paper towel on a plate. Cook in the microwave in 30 or 45 second intervals until your burrito is fully thawed.
So simple!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Louisville Mega Cavern

A few months ago I brought a Groupon for Louisville Mega Cavern Historic Tram Tour which we finally used today. Normal price is $13.50/person.
Today was a perfect day for an underground tour since it was cold and rainy.
Inside the cavern the temperature is aways around 58 degrees. Make sure you bring a jacket.

The tour guide drove this Jeep and pulled us behind him.

I wish I had taken a few pictures outside before our tour. It was only drizzling when we first got there and then when we were leaving it was pouring! 

This place has four entrances - you can see two of them in this picture:
Mega Cavern is made of limestone and consists of 4,000,000 square feet of space.
Can you even begin to imagine how large that is?
The cavern is under all ten lanes of I-264, the Louisville Zoo, K-Mart, and Wendy's - just to name the big landmarks.
Currently, they have a section of the cavern for an environmentally-conscious high security commercial storage facility for 14 companies. One of the those companies is the Kentucky Highway Department and they store road salt. Our tour guide, Don, allowed us to touch this stuff. He told the kids not to bother taking it home. Said it would 'eat' through there clothes within a week. I was quick to drop it once we were told that piece of information.
PODS is another company who has storage in the cavern.
Individual people can rent storage space for boats and RVs.

Many lakes are down here:
In the winter they have 'Mega Cavern Lights Under Louisville' where you can drive your car through these man made caves and view thousands of Christmas lights.
I told Matt I would like to go this coming Christmas. The event has been going on for two years (I think he said) and we need to have this experience. In case you didn't already know, I LOVE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!!
Near the end of the tour you get to see worms being 'recycled'.
They have these worms for there poop. That poop is used in fertilizers. How random, huh?
Before leaving this section, our tour guide ate one!
He actually ate one. It wasn't a gummy worm either. Prior to eating it he took a small container around our tram to show us the worms in it.
Assuming he does this ever tour, everyday, he sure eats a lot of worms!

Here's some views of the cavern:
And during the Cuban Missile Crisis, this was a fallout shelter:
They even had water and food stored down here!
If you are ever in the Louisville area, I recommend you go on this historic tram tour.
Well worth the experience! Hopefully your tour guide is Don who was wonderful! He was very knowledgeable on the cavern and he seemed to really enjoy his job. I even liked his corny jokes!

While here, you can go on the zip line tour. This is something Matt would like to do in the future. I agreed to do it with him if certain circumstances are met. I'll be sure to blog about THAT experience when we do it. :)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Jailhouse Pizza & Patton Museum

I am very happy to be eating regular food again.
Extremely happy.
I know it was only three days, but it seemed like a really long time. It wasn't fun drinking all my meals.
This morning we made omelets with two eggs, spinach, mushrooms and onions with a side of bacon. Not the good kind though. We had the microwave kind. I already told Matt once it is all gone we will no longer be buying that kind anymore.
At least we started the day off right with a healthy breakfast.

Are you curious about our results after three days of being on Dr. Oz's 3 Day Detox Cleanse?
Matt lost 5 pounds and I lost 3 pounds.
I would have liked to of lost a few more pounds, but I am happy with my results. Neither one of us feel any different, but we both agree this has kicked off our eating healthier. Except one day a week when we eat out.

For lunch we decided to go to Brandenburg, KY to go to Jailhouse Pizza.
Several people I work with kept telling us how good it is so we decided to try it out. Now I can go back on Monday and tell them all I finally went there.
 In case you don't know, Jailhouse Pizza is a restaurant located inside the old Meade County jail.

 Matt and I both got 10 inch pizzas - Jailhouse Deluxe for Matt and Prisoner's Hawaiian Fantasy for me.
Had we of made a reservation, we could have ate in a old jail cell.
Kind of cool, but kind of creepy.
What do you think? Cool or creepy?
We thought the pizza was decent with decent prices.
Side salads were boring with iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, onions, bacon pieces and croutons. And those boring side salads were $3.99 each!!!
We won't go here again due to the fact that it is a bit far and was only alright.
I would recommend you eat there once. Was worth seeing the place.
Great location - right on the Ohio River - which we walked just so you know.

On the way to Jailhouse Pizza we stopped at the Patton Museum.
Most of the museum was closed for renovations. We were told the entire museum will be open on July 17th. I am sure we will be back to check it all out.
It was neat to see General Patton's Cadillac Limousine. Photography was not allowed inside the museum.

Outside were some big tanks:

We also tried to go to 'The Bridges to the Past' but it was closed.
I was a bit disappointed. I wanted to see the waterfalls!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Dr. Oz's 3-Day Detox Cleanse Day 3

Also known as – The final day!
I made it! Whoo hoo!
Extremely happy it is done and over with! :)
My alarm went off WAY too early this morning. That’s how it seemed to me at least. I felt like I had just laid down and now it was time to get up and get ready for work. Darn! I am happy to report no headache or nausea this morning. I think if I had the same morning as yesterday I might have given up.
I’m glad I didn’t have to make the decision.

I drank my breakfast tea with no issue.
I should mention over the last two mornings I have not added in the Stevia. I don’t feel I need it. My tea with lemon has been sweet enough for me. I can't imagine it being very important to the detox, but what do I know? I will probably continue to drink a mug of green tea with lemon each morning. Yes, this could be because I still have another bag of lemons, or it could simple be because I enjoy green tea and I enjoy lemons. Together they taste good.
My breakfast shake was finished in like 5 minutes flat. I drank it in the car since I was running late and I didn’t want to bring it to work. It will probably be a long time before I drink this again. In fact, it will probably be a long time before I eat/drink almond butter in general. I did like the taste; I just think I am sick of the flavor.
For lunch and snack I mixed things up a bit. I couldn’t stomach the thought of drinking that nasty green shake another day. I decided to make the dinner shake as my snack shake and I decided to drink it in place of the lunch shake. Got it?
Because of this, I did not have any snack shake. Made for a much better experience.
I am sure I am missing out on some important nutrients, but I figured it didn’t really matter since today is my last day of shakes. I didn't even feel hungry in between lunch and dinner. I will NEVER drink that nasty dandelion tasting concoction again!
Dinner time called for my last dinner shake.
I might actually drink this one again in the near future. Actually, I am sure I will drink it at least once next week due to the fact that I have enough coconut water to make another one. Why waste?
Tomorrow I will weigh myself and let you know how I did.
Hopefully I have lost a few pounds and my metabolism has actually reset. I will try to continue eating less now that the detox cleanse is done.
Fingers crossed this has given me the motivation I need to begin my journey shedding these unwanted pounds.
As for Matt, he drank all the shakes. He did modify the lunch one by not including the celery or cucumbers. I think he ate them separately. I forget what he told me.
He was funny today when he called to ask me where the other half of the apple was (it went into the lunch shake) and I told him I didn't make the shake.
It's a good memory for me.
I can't really put it to justice what he said and how he said it though.
And because I can't leave a blog posting picture-less, please sit back and 'awe' at our closet.
Nothing extraordinary in here except instead of our pants being in/on milk crates, I moved in a small bookshelf to house them all. It just BARELY fit!
Oh, how I love organization!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dr. Oz's 3-Day Detox Cleanse Day 2

Day 2 of the Doctor Oz Detox Cleanse started off awful!
Completely awful!
I woke up with the worst headache that would not quit!
If I was a drama queen I would start saying things like 'I thought I was dying!' or something equally dramatic. Good thing I'm no drama queen! Ha!
Before leaving for work I made our shakes, drank my tea and then my breakfast shake. I was already wanting to stay home with my headache when it got even worse - I became very nauseated on the way to work to the point of opening my lunch bag so I could puke into it if needed. Thankfully, I didn’t have to use it. Somehow I managed to keep it chocked down.
Once at work, I decided to eat some pistachios and pretzels to see if my nausea and headache would go away. I also took some Advil. It took about three hours for me to fully feel like myself again.
I wanted to quit.
I wanted to go to Subway and get me a sandwich.
Or even to a nearby vending machine.
But nope, I wasn't going to let my small moment of sickness completely wreck what I was working hard to do. Even though I cheated by eating food other then the shakes, I have decided to let it go and continue on.
I had called my mom who told me the sickness was probably my body’s way of reacting to the detox cleanse. I don’t doubt that to be true. However, I am not sure I would have made it if I hadn’t ate something. I do wish I had only ate the pistachios though.
Lunch meant drinking that same nasty shake form yesterday. I drank one forth of it and couldn’t continue. I threw it out. I would rather starve then drink that crap! The smell alone is bad enough to make me want to throw it away. Tomorrow I am NOT adding celery or cucumber to the shake.
I had my afternoon snack roughly around the same time as yesterday. I had the breakfast drink which I still think tastes good even though I am starting to get sick of it. Only one more day!
I did drink it as fast as I could.
My dinner shake was still tasty. 
I am going to use this shake for tomorrow’s snack opposed to the breakfast one. If I make four more dinner ones (two for me and two for Matt) I will have used up all the coconut water which means I bought exactly the right amount.
Matt has done wonderful!
Luckily, he did not wake up sick like me.
He drank the tea and breakfast shake with no problem. For the lunch shake he made two. He said one shake consisted of the cucumber, celery and kale while the other one consisted of everything else.
He liked the second shake. Hated the first one.
He hasn’t ate any solid food and I am very proud of him for sticking with this cleanse even when I have struggled.
Two days down, one more to go.
Thank goodness!
I am pretty sure I can't handle this sort of diet anymore then the three days. I can hardly wait to wake up on Saturday morning and make a real breakfast for us. I’m thinking – eggs, bacon and biscuits!
Real bacon!
Not the precooked bacon I usually buy.
Although – maybe bacon is too fatty of a food for us to be eating…. I’ll have to think this through a bit more. I just know I want something good to eat. You know, something to look forward to after this is all done.
I shouldn't look forward to food! This is part of the reason I have packed on the pounds!
Below are some pictures of the delicious foods I have made over the last two weeks and never got around to showing off.
I am posting them now since this blog post has no pictures.
Plus, I enjoy looking at them. Pretending I can eat them. Right. Now.
My lovely jalapeno pepperoni rolls:
My favorite part is the bottom of each roll where all the grease from the pepperoni and cheeses have caramelized!
Makes my mouth water just thinking about them. 

Fried chicken 'strips':
My favorite homemade dinner.
I think we ate these twice within a week's time span.
Best after being freshly made, but also good warmed up and dipped in BBQ sauce the next day.

Chocolate chip cookies:
Enough said.
P.S. All three above items were made from scratch..... with love!