Sunday, January 20, 2013

Kansas City, Missouri

I was here once before... years ago....probably 10 years ago. Not sure. Besides, I didn't have time to sight see since I was there for a wedding.
This time, work brought me to the area.
Unfortunately, I wasn't issued a rental car for the whole 2 weeks I was here. I did, however, make the decision to rent a car out of my own pocket for the weekend so I wouldn't be stuck in my room doing nothing. This meant I also had to buy a $150 Garmin - I would have been WAY too lost without it. Would it have killed me to remember to bring mine from home???

Last Friday after work I got the car and went straight to Harley Davidson for a factory tour.
I mostly took this tour for my mom's husband. Someone had to tell him if it was good or not. Might as well be me.
And let me tell you - It was awesome!
To be fair, I like all tours... even tours of air conditioners being manufactured. (Carrier Bryant)
I got there four minutes after the last tour of the day. Darn! Thankfully Kelly, the tour guide, gave me a tour anyways. I think she mostly only did this because I was the only one there.
About the tour: It is free. No pictures allowed.
You wear eye glasses and get a radio and ear piece to listen while walking around.
You also get a pin to wear. In fact, she gave me two so I would have one to give to my mom's husband. Very nice of her - I didn't even ask for it. I had just mentioned that is why I was here.
The tour was almost an hour long. I chose to skip the ten minute video since I felt bad about being late. I am sure it was very informative and would have answered any lingering questions I had.
About ten minutes into the tour two older men joined us. You could just tell they were die hard Harley fans.
After the tour you are given a postcard and they mail it for you. I sent it to my mom's husband. I think he appreciated it.
Harley shirts are much cheaper here. Got him a new one thanks to my mom. :)

My next stop was to Crowne Plaza.
Talk about AMAZING!
I would definitely stop here again if I am ever in the area.
This is an indoor shopping area with all sorts of stores, restaurants and tourist stops.
I wanted to see the Hallmark Visitor's Center for a tour and Chips Chocolate Factory for a tour, but sadly they are both closed for the month of January.
I did get THE BEST ever Carmel apple from Chips! I want another one just thinking about it. I also bought some fudge.
Did you know Hallmark owned a clothing store? I had no idea. I should have taken a picture for you.

Went to Union Station which is the largest remaining Renaissance-style train station in the United States.
You gotta see this in person! I enjoyed walking around looking at the beautiful architecture.
The post office looks glamorous don't you think?
The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art was something I wanted to see if I found it. I had put the address into my GPS and somehow still managed to get lost. I then realized my error and found it (I had put Street and not Parkway - two completely different addresses).
Thank goodness!
I am not usually a museum person but this place was stunning! I walked around and then walked around some more. Would have stayed longer if I wasn't concerned about driving in the dark and possible snow.

They had a mummy!
A real mummy!
I love Egyptian history!
Did you know that mummies were in tombs which were inside larger tombs (boxes)? I didn't. I just thought they were wrapped and then in one box. Very interesting reading all the signs next to the Egyptian items.
They had all sorts of neat artifacts.
Got to see tons of painting and artifacts from all over the world and from different time periods.
Here's just a few of my favorites:
 This one reminds me of Zombies - so it was freaky, but I think Matt will like it.
Ate at Author Grant's since the guy sitting next to me on the plane said it was the best.
I felt it was decent. Nothing to brag about.
I wouldn't eat here again. It was over priced and kind of BLAH.

Another place I ate over the weekend was a Streetcar Named Desiree. Blah! Won't eat here again either.
Ate at Jack Stacks which was WONDERFUL! The best restaurant I ate at in Kansas City!
I would go out of my way to eat here again.
I enjoyed my leftovers as much as I enjoyed the meal the first time around.
The baked beans were the BEST I EVER HAD! and the corn literally tasted like macaroni and cheese! What could I possibly not like about that?
I was a bit sad on Monday when I had to return my rental car. I would have liked to keep it for the remaining duration of my stay. I guess it was a good thing I had so much work to get done.
Now I am home enjoying my weekend with my husband and dogs.
There truly is no place like home.

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