Thursday, January 3, 2013

Beautiful Hair At CVS

HELLO 2013!
I cannot believe we have already said goodbye to 2012. Time flies WAY too fast sometimes. Seems like I was just saying hello to 2012 the other day...
I do actually have a lovely post I am almost done with, but I had to get a few things done today so it wont get posted until tomorrow.
In the mean time I couldn't resist showing you what I bought today.

After work I went to Meijer to get my FREE gallon of milk thanks to my mPERKS number. If you shop at Meijer and don't have an account I highly suggest you do this - pronto! Basically you log online and add coupons to your phone number you use when you check out. I have gotten some really good coupons! FREE milk has been one of the better ones.

Anyways, this post is not about FREE milk.
It is about CVS.
Which is where I went after Meijer since I had seen a good deal on someones blog.
I bought all these bottles for $12 -
3 bottles of conditioner and 5 curly hair styling products.

CVS has all sorts of different hair products I could have bought for 50% and 75% off, but 1. I don't know how well these styling products work since I have never used them before and 2. I am trying to be more thrifty.

That is mine and Matt's number 1 New Year's resolution. I'll tell you more about this tomorrow.

Make sure you check your local CVS. I am glad I did. :)

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