Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2012, You'll Be Missed

Sorry to get this posted half way into the first month of the new year. LATE!
In my defense, I have been away for work and only had my tablet to get online.
You try typing on that thing! Didn't work out so well for me. Oh - and good luck getting any pictures uploaded to it. I could barely figure out how to copy and paste a sentence.

2012 was a wonderful year for me!

The best yet!

I started with a BANG-
January 1st Matt FINALLY
asked me if I would spend forever with him. Talk about a good start to a new year!

February my mom and I spent a few fun filled days in Reno, NV and Lake Tahoe. (I never did blog about this - perhaps it isn't too late???)

May we got
married and went on our fabulous honeymoon.

June is when Matt officially moved to Kentucky.

August I spent a weekend in
St. Louis with my mom.

September Matt and I went to
Indianapolis and he got a good job offer.

October we went on our
second cruise and Matt started his new job.

November I
hosted my first Thanksgiving.

December was a bit rough for my family but still a good month overall.

Like I said, overall, the best year yet!

Per my previous post, Matt and I want to track all our spending this year and really start saving money.
To make this happen we plan on tracking every dollar spent and earned. We both feel we bring in money, spend it, then have nothing to show for it. We are sick of this happening and this is our fist step in stopping this awful trend.
We will call this goal number one.
Beneath goal number one we have 'A' - we are going to finish paying off my student loans, 'B' - make a good dent in our new vehicle's balance, and 'C' save money.

Step one is to buy a planner.
I am hoping they are on sale now. I haven't bought one yet since I knew I wouldn't be home for all of January. This meant we couldn't try too hard until I got back. You can't help but eat out a lot while away from home. Plus maybe now they are 75% off. Guess I will find out soon enough.

I have an Excel spreadsheet I use to keep track of monthly bills and now I am adding a more detailed one. It has columns for money spent of groceries, money spent eating out, money spent on gas and money spent on miscellaneous items. I think it is important to know where our money is going before I can start cutting the fat.
Mind over matter, right?
Resolution number two is we both want to eat more healthy and get into shape.
We are both hoping in the process we lose weight because we are both sick of being overweight.
In my immediate future I will be joining Weight Watchers Online.
I mean it this time. No more just talking about it and putting it off for another day.
This is important to me. More important then it ever has been.
Please wish us luck on these two!
I am confident we can easily accomplish our missions!

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