Sunday, December 30, 2012

Santa Tree - The Painting

We painted another picture!

This one matches my tree. :)
My Santa tree.
What do you think?
Mine is on the right and my mom's in on the left.
 My mom's:
 My mom's:
 My mom's:
I am happy with it, but feel it could have been better.
We had a guy as an instructor who wasn’t very good at teaching and another guy who was suppose to be walking around helping us disappear.
Which meant the guy teaching also had to walk around and help. We were in the back this time and it seemed he hardly ever made it to us. So this painting was a bit self guided. I am glad I had a copy of the painting on my ipod for us to refer to.
Oh well - it was worth spending the evening with my mom.
This painting will look nice displayed next year among my Christmas decorations.


  1. I love doing the paintings because it's time I get to spend just you and me! You are wonderful! Love, ~mom