Monday, December 24, 2012


My motto today is better late then never - at least in reference to blogging about our painting experiences and my birthday.
We painted this one about a month ago:
Beautiful isn't it?
The title of this painting is Romance.
This painting had 9 colors to start with (the most we have ever used) and then we mixed every color you see here. 
This painting was also all about layering. And lots of it. Glad we learned the technique.
We started off with a lovely light purple I was a bit sad to cover.
After the purple we splatted on green for the bushes then layered on four different colors of leaves. The branches were added afterwards then a little more leaves were added on top to help the effect.
My mom's: 
Here they are together completely finished.
We had to have the instrutor add our people in the picture. Didn't want to mess them up.
(Mine is on the right.)
This painting was part of me and my mom celebrating my birthday.
Now to recap the rest of my birthday since I haven't blogged in about a month.
The day before Thanksgiving we acknowledged it with family (which you already saw) and then the following week I celebrated it everywhere else.
At work:
Every month at work we always have a monthly potluck for the current month's birthdays. Normally we have breakfast or lunch.
Never both. I mean never.
For my birthday potluck we had both.
Made me feel special.
Got to try Derby pie for the first time. Wouldn’t be such a big deal if I didn't live near the derby.
Thursday my friend, Linda, brought into work mousse cake.
Yum! She knows how much I like the cake from Maggiano's and this is her version of it.
Then that evening I came home to a new Pandora charm from Matt (the ship), a card, Papa Murphy's in the fridge and ice cream cake in the freezer!
I married a good man!


  1. I had so much fun painting that one. I don't know why that one was more enjoyable than the others, but it was. Always have fun with you! Love you!