Monday, December 31, 2012

Fruit Included

I love shopping the after holiday sales - any after holiday sale.
I am a sucker for a good clearance. One of my 2013 goals is to stop spending so much money on things I don't really need.
Prior to Christmas I had seen these jars at Sam's Club for $55.
WAY too much money! Not worth it. I did really want them though. And both my mom and Matt offered to get me them. I declined.
Good thing I waited - I got them on Saturday for $27 - fruit included.
Saturday we went to Target and bought a few Christmas clearance items at 50% off. Ended up being a waste of time and money since the very next morning I saw online Target Christmas clearance was now 70% off. Meaning we went shopping yesterday afternoon for some new Christmas items. Spent way more then I should have, but did get some good stuff for now and next year.
Wyatt got some new clothes.
Santa dog:
I don't think he really liked having his picture taken.
Seemed a bit bored.
Very cute! I bet he is warm too.

I love his new tie!
Makes him look smart - needs some glasses now.
We joke Wyatt works at the Hyatt.... Now he's all ready for work!



  1. Loving the tie! The jacket is cute, but picture #2 is u.g.l.y.! Did you get the display? I did not remember the jars having the fruit, which by the way, is u.g.l.y. too! Love, ~mom

    1. I like his yawning pose! :)
      We got the last one that was not a display. Like you we had thought the fruit was something Sam's added, but when I opened my box the jars had fruit in them as well.