Monday, December 31, 2012

Fruit Included

I love shopping the after holiday sales - any after holiday sale.
I am a sucker for a good clearance. One of my 2013 goals is to stop spending so much money on things I don't really need.
Prior to Christmas I had seen these jars at Sam's Club for $55.
WAY too much money! Not worth it. I did really want them though. And both my mom and Matt offered to get me them. I declined.
Good thing I waited - I got them on Saturday for $27 - fruit included.
Saturday we went to Target and bought a few Christmas clearance items at 50% off. Ended up being a waste of time and money since the very next morning I saw online Target Christmas clearance was now 70% off. Meaning we went shopping yesterday afternoon for some new Christmas items. Spent way more then I should have, but did get some good stuff for now and next year.
Wyatt got some new clothes.
Santa dog:
I don't think he really liked having his picture taken.
Seemed a bit bored.
Very cute! I bet he is warm too.

I love his new tie!
Makes him look smart - needs some glasses now.
We joke Wyatt works at the Hyatt.... Now he's all ready for work!


Sunday, December 30, 2012

Santa Tree - The Painting

We painted another picture!

This one matches my tree. :)
My Santa tree.
What do you think?
Mine is on the right and my mom's in on the left.
 My mom's:
 My mom's:
 My mom's:
I am happy with it, but feel it could have been better.
We had a guy as an instructor who wasn’t very good at teaching and another guy who was suppose to be walking around helping us disappear.
Which meant the guy teaching also had to walk around and help. We were in the back this time and it seemed he hardly ever made it to us. So this painting was a bit self guided. I am glad I had a copy of the painting on my ipod for us to refer to.
Oh well - it was worth spending the evening with my mom.
This painting will look nice displayed next year among my Christmas decorations.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Three Christmases

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!!!
I know we did!
I would hate to think you didn't. :(
Tell me you did. :)
Prior to Christmas I had been a little worried about how our first Christmas as a married couple would be since we had decided to spend the holiday with both of our families during the few days we were home in Tennessee.
In years past we have celebrated the holiday separately and then got together.
Thankfully both of our families live in the same town so we didn't have to pick between the two of them.
Quick run-down of events:
Christmas Eve we mostly spent with my family.
We went to church and had a delicious Christmas dinner with them.
MMMMMMmmmmm........ ham, homemade mac and cheese, green bean casserole and loaded twice baked potatoes.
Later that night we went back to Matt's mom's house where we opened presents aka Round 1.
Hard to get a good picture since she had to hide the tree due to space constraints.
Christmas morning we went to my mom's house for Round 2 of opening presents.
Matt and I then left to go to church with his family and then had another yummy Christmas dinner with them.
More good food!
Smoked turkey, sweet potato casserole, baked potatoes and green bean casserole. 
Have I mentioned green bean casserole is my favorite???
Christmas night we came home - we both had to work the next day.
Once home, Matt and I ate leftovers our moms had sent us home with and had Round 3 of opening presents.
We are very fortunate to have such wonderful families who spoil us! 

I got some really awesome gifts this year!

I MUST share one particular gift Matt got me:
It's a mug - one side has a picture of Wyatt and the other side shows a picture of Jake.
After such a busy weekend we both need this weekend to relax!
Ha ha ha!
We have big plans to watch our new DVDs and rent a few.
Maybe we will even treat ourselves to seeing a movie at the theater.
Good thing I took vacation time on Monday to make my weekend 4 days!
I'm leaving you with a picture of my Mr. Grumpy pants:
"What you looking at?"

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!!!



My motto today is better late then never - at least in reference to blogging about our painting experiences and my birthday.
We painted this one about a month ago:
Beautiful isn't it?
The title of this painting is Romance.
This painting had 9 colors to start with (the most we have ever used) and then we mixed every color you see here. 
This painting was also all about layering. And lots of it. Glad we learned the technique.
We started off with a lovely light purple I was a bit sad to cover.
After the purple we splatted on green for the bushes then layered on four different colors of leaves. The branches were added afterwards then a little more leaves were added on top to help the effect.
My mom's: 
Here they are together completely finished.
We had to have the instrutor add our people in the picture. Didn't want to mess them up.
(Mine is on the right.)
This painting was part of me and my mom celebrating my birthday.
Now to recap the rest of my birthday since I haven't blogged in about a month.
The day before Thanksgiving we acknowledged it with family (which you already saw) and then the following week I celebrated it everywhere else.
At work:
Every month at work we always have a monthly potluck for the current month's birthdays. Normally we have breakfast or lunch.
Never both. I mean never.
For my birthday potluck we had both.
Made me feel special.
Got to try Derby pie for the first time. Wouldn’t be such a big deal if I didn't live near the derby.
Thursday my friend, Linda, brought into work mousse cake.
Yum! She knows how much I like the cake from Maggiano's and this is her version of it.
Then that evening I came home to a new Pandora charm from Matt (the ship), a card, Papa Murphy's in the fridge and ice cream cake in the freezer!
I married a good man!