Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Santa Christmas Tree

If you don’t know already you might as well find out now.
From me.
I, Jessica Abcdefg, am addicted to looking on Pinterest.
Yep, addicted.
Somehow I get all completely engrossed into looking at all the pictures and pinning everything I hope to make. Sometimes I go through and actually look at the links, but that is as far as I ever get with making the items. In my defense, it is so easy to scroll through the pictures on my ipod while lying in bed.
However, now I have actually made something I pinned.
First time ever!!!

What do you think of it?
I am in LOVE with it!
Looks even better in person!

I found the Pinterest inspiration from HERE.
Hers is lovely - mine is better!

Of course, I am partial to mine since I made it.

He he he!

For the base of the tree I used a cardboard box. In order to get the size I wanted, I had to cut and then re-tape back together two separate boxes which explains why it is not 100% perfect. I wanted to use a big Rubbermaid Tupperware but it wasn't wide enough for my tree base to fit inside.
Once I had my box formed I wrapped it in red wrapping paper. I used black felt for the belt and wrapped a piece of cardboard with tin foil to make the belt buckle. For the white area I used big ribbon that we had used for my wedding.
Luckily I had all these items in my house - $0 spent.

Throughout my tree I used red tinsel and red beads to help carry the color red for Santa's body, but I kept most my ornaments with my candy theme.
I finished the look by topping the tree with a Santa hat.
I do have a red wood sign showing 'HoHoHo' that I decided against using.

Final outcome: I think he is wonderful! And unique! Not many people can say they have a tree like mine.

If I had a bigger area in my house to put my tree you would see how I have wrapped my presents with a candy theme to match my ornaments. Instead, I might have wrapped them with Santa wrapping paper to match my Santa tree. You know, to keep with that theme.
For Christmas trees, I am all about themes - 100%!
Just by seeing the picture of my tree, one of my friends plan on making this with her kids this weekend. :)
Guess I motivated her to do something different.
I told her to take a picture of it.
I hope she does.
I'm going to leave you with some of my favorite ornaments:

Did you notice my Santa ball???
Matches my tree! Makes me smile! 
Is your tree up yet???


  1. I just noticed the cupcakes on the tree. So cute! Next year, if you do Thanksgiving, you will have to have your tree up so we can all enjoy your efforts. =) Love you ~mom

    1. Yes, next year I will get everything up prior to Thanksgiving. Will be wonderful!