Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Patriotic Wreath

I had two introductions for this post prepared….
In preparation of Election Day (we missed Labor Day) my mom and I decided we needed to have a red, white and blue wreath.
While in Hobby Lobby back in July my mom stumbled upon the perfect garland to make a nice inexpensive patriotic wreath. She bought every strand of this garland they had left – seven in total.
This is the simplest wreath you will ever make – guaranteed.
Your children could easily help make this one.
So simple a caveman can do it! Why am I quoting Geico commercials??????
Wreath form (we used wooded ones)
Garland (we used 3 each)
Sign and/or flags
Have your wreath form and wrap your garland around it as tight or as loose as you like. To hold the garland in place you can either hot glue it (did this at first), clip it (did this on the next strand) or any other method that works for you. After the garland is all wrapped up you can add American accessories to it.
American as in red, white and blue - Probably not made in America since everything seems to be made in China these days.
Mine looks beautiful on my blue door!
Shines and shimmers in the light making it appear magical (during the day at least)!
The EXACT look I was attempting to achieve!
I felt using clips to hold the strands in place worked best so I can easily remove everything and use my form for my next wreath creation. I already have a whole wall of wreaths and due to space; I had to do this.
My patriotic supplies I will put away with my other holiday decorations and I will re-make this wreath each patriotic holiday – President’s Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Election Day, Veteran’s Day and any other red, white and blue holiday I am forgetting to mention.
Are you going to make a patriotic wreath?
Veteran’s Day is on Sunday.
Just saying.

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