Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving - 2 Days Late!

I hosted this year.

If you have never cooked a Thanksgiving meal you really need to be thankful to the person(s) who does all the hard work in order for you to enjoy that lovely meal. I had no idea how much work actually went into the event. It was a little stressful, but well worth it. I am glad I have this experience under my belt. :)
Thank you mom and grandma for all the past Thanksgiving meals I have enjoyed throughout the years!

Cooking for me started on Tuesday evening when I made two batches of pepperoni rolls, potato soup, a cheese ball and Watergate salad.
My brother was here so it was nice to have someone to talk to while I cooked. We even found time to watch the newest episode of Dexter.
Wednesday along with my brother, my parents and grandparents were here and we ate the potato soup and chicken tortellini soup I made when I got home from work. With salad.
It was nice sitting down to a meal before the main attraction. It isn't very often we are all together so I am glad we got to do this.
Matt's sister got here later in the evening while I was prepping this giant 23 pound turkey.
That big boy was heavy!
Thursday morning I woke early to put the big boy in the oven and make breakfast for me, Matt and our siblings since my parents and grandparents spent the night at a hotel where they received free breakfast. Evidently it wasn't very good - it was the worker's first day doing it alone.
Matt's mom got here shortly before our Thanksgiving meal.
While everything was cooking we all watched Four Christmases and Fred Clause on DVD.
You should have heard my grandpa laughing! I think everyone liked those movies!
I will admit towards the end of my cooking I was starting to get stressed and I may have been a bit snippy to my family. I do apologize.
In the end, everything turned out great and was all ready right on time.
I had said I would serve lunch at 1 and somehow it all worked out - we were all seated at 1.
I was ecstatic!
Couldn't have turned out better!
Here are a few of the items I served for Thanksgiving:
 We had already started carving it when I remembered I wanted to take a picture.

Green Bean Casserole
Homemade gravy
I forgot to take a picture of the canned cranberry sauce (LOL! My grandpa only wanted this kind), the stuffing, rolls and my grandma's homemade sweet potato casserole. 

For desert my mom made fudge (not pictured), cheesecake (not pictured) and a pumpkin pie. Matt's mom made an apple pie and pumpkin pecan pie.
Talk about addicting!
And we have all the leftovers!!!
Matt and I both have had WAY more then we should!
All of it is so yummy and we are having a hard time controlling ourselves!
However this is one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving - all the leftovers!
Here's my table all set:
Yes, I used paper plates on top of my chargers.
I had to - we only have a set of 8 dishes and there was 9 of us. No one minded. In fact, I think my grandma told me that was smart. And yes, that is some fancy serving dishes you see. Next time I host a meal I will make sure I have a few more 'fancy' serving dishes.

While everything was cooking my mom and brother made this cute gingerbread house:
My mom said this house is 2 or 3 years old. This is why you don't see green frosting on here.
Ha ha ha!
Sounds like me! I buy them and take just as long to make them. (You will see this sometime in December.)

After everyone stuffed themselves with all the yummy food we took some pictures outside.
I know I drive everyone nuts with all my picture taking...
I just want to make sure these moments are forever captured so we always have something to look at to remember these times. Aside from our memories of course.

I'll leave you with pictures of our cuties:

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. You did wonderful and I could not be more proud! Thank you for hosting! See you again next year! Ha!!