Saturday, November 24, 2012

Birthday Presents

With my birthday so close to Thanksgiving we tend to celebrate my birthday over the Thanksgiving holiday.
This Thanksgiving holiday was no different.

I got a BUNCH of presents this year!
Bunches of good ones.
THANK YOU! I love them all!!!

Matt already gave me my present - the cruise back in October. I feel it was a wonderful gift even though he got the exact same 'present'. LOL! Whatever works to get me a cruise. :)
I am hoping I can get the same gift from him next year.
Fingers crossed.
I feel I need two vacations a year. Try to convince Matt for me please.

My mom and Greg got me this adorable metal (?) giraffe. I have like 30 stuffed giraffes among a few other different giraffes so this cutie will make a great addition. I just need to figure out where he will live. I am thinking my bedroom. He will look cute by my bathroom door. Maybe. Not sure yet.
They also bought me two charms for my Pandora bracelet - the camera and hope/love/faith.
I need some colored beads now to combine with my metal ones. Hint, hint, hint...
And a big metal 'C' for a wreath or for my wall or something.
I might already have a plan in mind for it.
And got me a movie snack kit with the movie Four Christmases.

My grandparents got me the Barbie blushing bride ornament.
Matt's mom got me The Big Bang Theory on DVD.
Meaning Matt and I have ate a lot of candy and watched a lot of TV today.
Not to mention all the other food we have consumed.
I'm feeling stuffed. Again.
I need to eat less tomorrow.



  1. So happy you had a wonderful birthday! Part II for you and I is painting next Saturday night! Fun stuff!