Monday, October 15, 2012

Proud Of My Man

I am very proud of my husband!
More proud then I can even think of words to express how I am feeling!

I am writing this more for myself then for you which could be why you find this post boring.

Matt has been applying for jobs ever since he moved to KY (after we got married) and he had taken a job with a hiring agency working for little money but figured some money was better than no money. I didn't agree at the time - now I do.
Well, he got a phone call for a job he really wanted. He went on Wednesday, September 12 for testing. A week later on Thursday, September 20 he had an interview in the morning. That evening he got offered the job!
We were both very excited!
That Wednesday he went in for a medical exam. Followed by training on Thursday and Friday. Tuesday, October 2 he got his start date! That meant he had very little time to get everything he needed to do in preparation of starting a new job.

While looking through the new job’s paperwork we found out how much leave he would have and when he can use it and all that sort of stuff. We realized we needed to take a vacation now or we wouldn’t be able to take one for at least 6 months – if not longer. We are thinking from the reading material it could be over a year.

Please realize Matt and I haven’t taken many vacations (with the exception of this past year) since being together and we didn’t get to experience many while growing up due to financial restraints on our parents. I felt we needed this. We only live once and I wanted us to have this.

We were all set on possibly taking a cruise in 2 weeks from when we decided when all of a sudden I decided we needed a 7 day opposed to a 5 day cruise. I literally booked a cruise Thursday afternoon and we left that Sunday.
It was crazy!
We NEVER do things like that!
I usually ALWAYS have to plan everything ahead of time and make lists.
This vacation was more by the seat of my pants.

We had an amazing time!
I am already looking forward to our next cruise. Can hardly wait to start planning and booking it.
I’m crazy – I know!
Either way I am starting to save for the next one!

I’ll be blogging about our vacation as soon as I have time. I am currently still doing all the laundry and we are catching up on our DVR shows right now.

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