Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Painted Pet

Have I mentioned I love to paint while being taught in a class setting?
I guess I should really be saying: have you seen my other paintings I have painted while being taught in a class setting?
If not, look HERE and HERE.
If you have never done it yourself, I highly recommend it!
Let me know when you are going because I would love to go again. J
My mom and I ‘painted our pet’ at Uptown Art with her friend and daughter a couple of weeks ago.
Had a blast!
I do have to tell you this was much harder than I thought it would be. I would NOT make this my first painting if I was new to painting.
Extremely glad Matt and I didn’t do this a couple of months ago when I suggested it. At that point I had only done one before and Matt had done none.
I started with this picture of Wyatt which I had emailed to them in order to paint.
When we first showed up they already had the image sketched on the canvas and had a sticky note with what colors I would be using. Wish I could draw like the lady who did these ones. I was amazed!
Our class consisted of about 12 people. Thank goodness there weren’t more – we ALL needed as much help as we could get!
Everyone had different dogs and one person had a cat to paint so obviously we all had different colors and types of fur which made this class a bit complicated. I am sure this is not an easy class to conduct either. It was suppose to be a 3 hour class and I think we were there almost 4 hours. Does that tell you it was a bit difficult?
We started off by painting our background any colors we wanted.
I chose blue and brown (to match my bedroom).
The original picture of Wyatt is him in his car seat. When we travel (used to be often between KY and TN) he would always get up on his car seat like this. Sometimes he jumps out when he is being mischievous/spunky/annoying/cute/funny.
Next I colored the outline of him.
At this point I thought the painting looked so funky. Neat might be a better word.
I painted his whole body tan.
Then I painted his nose and eyes.
It looked freaky. I was having a hard time picturing this painting complete.
Added several layers of ‘curly’ swirls on the body and made his ears look straighter.
Now I was starting to see my Wyatt. Not as much as I would have liked to have seen him, but getting closer.
The two ladies conducting the class kept saying it wouldn’t look good until several layers were painted. They were right. Looks much better all done.
To me, once the eyes were painted, I could see him. The eyes made this painting.
What do you think of the finished project?
I like it!
I wish it looked more realistic, but I am very happy with the outcome. I think you can easily tell it is Wyatt if you have ever met my dog.
I had thought about added more layers on his fur here at home – don’t want to risk messing the painting up. I am just going to keep it as it is.
It is going to look awesome above my dresser!
I have already told my mom I want to do a painting or two in between and then I would like to paint Jake next. My mom also has her newest family member, Frank, to paint. It will make another good bonding experience for us to share.
Check out my mom’s Toby:
He turned out great!

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