Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cruise Destinations

Key West, Florida
We both greatly enjoyed the Keys! If I ever make it to Miami for a vacation, I will definitely drive the three hours to see Key West again.
Before debarkation we had already decided we would walk around to see all there was to do before we paid for a ‘tour’ or taxi. A ‘tour’ was $30 just to take a trolley around the main loop which looked like we could walk. This was a good decision.
Right off the boat we saw a bunch of museums and tours we could go on. We decided to tour a shipwreck museum and the aquarium. Admission for these two attractions for the both of us was about $52 after taxes. Not a bad price. We would have spent $60 just to ride on the stupid trolley!
We did the shipwreck museum first which consisted of listening to a few workers act as people from that time period looking to hire divers and give us some history on the items and job. They were trying to make us feel like we were actually in the past. We then were taken in to view all the different artifacts and climb the tower which allowed us to have a good view of the island.
After the museum we went the aquarium. It wasn’t very big, but the experience made up for the lack of size.
It was amazing!
I had so much fun we came back later in the day to walk around one more time. Not only do they have fish along the walls, they have a tank where you are able to touch and hold a bunch of different critters:
He had just ate - ewwww! We didn't hold him or any of the others except the critters three pictures down. I couldn't get these in order without getting even more annoyed.
They even had a sting ray tank with turtles and a separate shark tank.
Outside, more sea animals. We got to view different species of sharks and turtles.
We were fortunate enough to be there to watch feedings. 
No trip to Key West would be complete without visiting the famous Key Lime Pie Factory where we ate a yummy frozen chocolate key lime pie on a stick.
While in here eating our pie I was looking at one of the free maps of the island and the lady working there asked me if I was looking for anything in particular. I told her we were just wanting to experience as much of the island as we could while there. She gave us a route which led to the southernmost point of the continental United States.
Of course we took our picture here.
On the way to here we saw a truck offering:
We back tracked to get me a coconut and a pina colada for Matt.
And cheap - $3 each!
Next stop: Freeport Bahamas and Nassau Bahamas
We had already been to both of these locations and weren’t that thrilled to go back to them.
In Freeport we only got off the boat to eat some Lobster and walk around the immediate shopping area. Instead of exploring, we swam and hung out on the boat. Seemed like several people had the same idea as us. Perhaps they already knew how lame the area was.
In Nassau we walked around the shopping area and then returned to the boat. We had seen a large dead rat on the street so I knew I was not eating there. YUCK! Yes, I know rats are everywhere, but I can assure you I do not want to see them. Kind of turned me off from wanting to explore the shopping areas.
After eating lunch on the boat we decided to take a cab ride to Atlantis.
Grand hotel, but everything with the exception of the shops and casino cost money to see. I am not paying to walk around a hotel. That is ridiculous!
I did see some Chihuly artwork:
Next stop was a different public beach then we had gone to last time we were there. We loved the clean ocean last time so this time we came prepared and had bought some goggles to get a better view. Unfortunately the waves were very strong and it was not possible to do this.
Too bad you can see my camera.
Saw this beautiful site when we were headed back home. I love it!



  1. Hi Jessica :)

    I noticed that you commented on one of my blogs, and thought I'd check yours out. Loved seeing the cruise photos! My husband and I have never done a cruise. We have been saying that we need to do that next.

    I'm not sure how much you've read on my blog (i'm new to blogging), but my husband and I both live in Louisville, KY (looks like you do to) and I typically blog about our little life- just the two of us (as of now) :)

    Thank you for stopping by and for leaving the message. I really appreciate it :)

    Have a beautiful Sunday!


    1. Hi Kristin,

      You NEED to do a cruise next! :) I feel now that we have been on a cruise I can never go back to a 'regular' vacation - once you go on one you will probably feel the same way.

      Yes, I had noticed on your blog you are in Louisville too. Always nice to have a local blog friend.
      I'll keep reading about your little life. :)