Saturday, October 20, 2012

Carnival’s Conquest

That was the name of the ship we sailed on - Carnival Conquest.
We left last Sunday for a 7 day cruise out of New Orleans, LA.
Destinations were Key West, Florida, Freeport Bahamas and Nassau Bahamas.
I know you don’t want to hear about how we left at 3 in the morning to get to our ship since we are too frugal/poor to book a hotel room for the night before.
I'll go ahead and move on to the actual ship:
 Taken while in FL
Compared to our last ship, Carnival’s Fantasy, this one was MASSIVE! Do note Carnival does have even BIGGER ships that we plan on trying in the future.
The Conquest offered many additional things than our last one did not have to include a theater screen outside to watch movies. I even got to watch one of my favorite childhood movies – Aladdin. LOVED IT! The only improvement they need to make with this is they should play some newer movies and should play more movies earlier in the day and later in the evening. You could lay in a lounge chair OR sit in a ROCKING chair! Ask my mom or Matt – I LOVE to rock!
When we first got on the ship we checked out our room which was on the Panorama deck (10th floor) and then proceeded to the Lido deck (9th floor) for our first buffet of our trip. We had an interior room which ended up being okay even though we both would have preferred at least an ocean view if not a balcony room.
Maybe next cruise.
I am frugal!
After eating we walked around and I was able to take some pictures of the ship before everyone was everywhere:
A walkway/seating area.
 Main dining area
 Pool we swam in
 Main deck
 Sushi bar
 Sunflower in front of main dining area
 Other side of the main deck
It took us about 3 days to learn our way around the ship without the map. At this point I also felt this was home.
In total, not counting the day we left or the day we arrived, we had 3 days at sea.
I enjoyed having the time to sit around doing nothing except looking at the ocean, eating and watching the shows – probably in that order. I joke!
Matt would have liked to have gone to a few more islands. Me too. Maybe if we had gone to other places besides the Bahamas we would have had even more fun during the docked days.
Speaking of shows, we got to see some good ones.
We watched 3 different family friendly comedy shows, a dancing show, juggling and comedy show, hypnotic show and magic show. We liked them all.
Our last ship only had comedy and dancing shows. Seemed like this larger ship offered more to see.
I would go into detail about everything, but it is too much to type and I might make you jealous. I would hate to do that to you. Wouldn’t be very nice of me.
I learned how to make a few towel animals! Loved that class!
I can now make the dog, monkey and elephant.
They taught us the dog and elephant – I practiced several times until I could remember how to do it by myself. The monkey has the same body as the dog and since he was already in our room, I took apart the head and learned the head as well.
Now I need some guests in my house so I can make them some towels animals and leave them some chocolate on the bed.
I am serious.
I wouldn’t joke about these kinds of things. We are hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year; meaning I have a reason to make those cute towel animals.
Got to eat Lobster:
In fact, I ate 2 in the same night!
Delicious! I am hooked! I told Matt we will have to go to Red Lobster when we are celebrating a special occasion such as our 7 years of dating anniversary in November. J
We have started a list of everything we want to bring next cruise that we haven’t brought on the last 2. My list so far included playing cards, Skip-bo and something else I am not remembering at the moment. Hopefully when Matt reads this post (if he reads it since he claims he doesn’t need to since he lives through everything I talk about) he will remember what the third thing is on our list. Guess this is why I should have written it down. I’ll be sure to put it on my iPod.
Stay tuned for my next post on our destinations.

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