Saturday, September 1, 2012

St Louis Zoo & Budweiser

Sunday morning we had another early start.
Early starts are great while sightseeing – not many tourists seem to know this trick.
Maybe they do... how would I know?
We headed out to the St. Louis Zoo where we managed to score free street parking opposed to $12 zoo parking.

I immensely enjoyed the zoo!
Zoos are always fun to me. Matt and I always visit the zoo everywhere we go so at this point in my life, I have seen several!
While at the St Louis zoo we saw all sorts of animals like:

A Sloth Bear
 Penguins (several different species)
Do you see how fat the guy in the middle is? The lady at the zoo told us he is about to shed his feathers.

 Sea Lions
Did you know Bongos are almost extinct?
There are only about 100 left in the whole world. The WORLD! The ones at the St. Louis zoo are soon to be headed to Africa to be released to (hopefully) help populate the species.

I didn't know!
 We also saw the elephants
The guy in the water kept going completely in the water, then back up and then back down. We sure loved the water!

One of my favorite animals is the giraffe.
We saw them on the map and saw signs pointing to them, but we could never find them. Either they are no longer there or they have moved them to a super secret spot.

St Louis Zoo, which is? Where you hiding them? I need answers!

We had lunch at Imo’s Pizza. Imo’s is a chain only in the St Louis area.
It was so freaking good! I am very glad my co-worker suggested we eat there.
We liked it so much we ate here twice! And I brought some home for Matt!
What makes their pizza so unique is the provel cheese which is basically cheddar, swiss and provolone combined.

You can Google it to find more information.
After the zoo and lunch we went to tour Budweiser.
They had a tour beginning right when we got there which was nice not having to wait for one to start.
This tour was fun and very educational. Lasted about an hour.

They took us to see the Clydesdale horses and where they are housed.
We got to walk around the grounds and see several of the buildings on the inside.
They preserved a lot of the unique touches to these old building which was nice to see.
 Did you know Budweiser makes all of these drinks?
 Here are some of the pictures I took while walking through the bottling building:
I kept trying to read these TV screens. He he he!

As you can see, this is the Bud Light lines.

After the tour you get to sample the different beers.
I know this excites some people, but I am not a drinker so it didn’t really thrill me. You do get two full glasses worth. For FREE! I like free!

I first tried something called Wild Red – didn’t really like it.
My mom had Lime Rita which was very good so I made that my second sample. You can barely taste the alcohol – very appealing to me. (Couldn't find this at Meijer. I will check Kroger next.)

Oh ya - we also got free pretzels and free soda!
Wonderful tour!
I would do it again - you know, to get free pretzels. And drinks! Just joking! :)
Our last sightseeing stop of the day was to see where Lewis and Clark crossed the Mississippi River.
We got to watch an informative video and then look around the museum.

This is a replica of one of the ships they took across the river.
On the other side of this ship you were able to see how tightly everything was packed. Boy was it tight! Every nook and cranny was used - no wasted space! Best pack rats ever! I'm jealous!
 Here the guys are:

This is a replica of what their fort would have looked like. The fort would have been rougly right around where this replica was located. The ladies here said the houses are larger then they would have been back then. They were small! I cannot imagine them being even smaller.  
The lady gave us some very good background information on these - you should look this information up as well.
After all this sightseeing we were pooped.
We took a small break at the hotel room and then we ate dinner at 54th Street Grill which I believe is a chain only in the St. Louis area.
 My mom had chicken.
I had a burger with barbecue on it.
You can’t go wrong with that choice. It was yummy!

Our forth meal of the day:
More Imo's Pizza!
We couldn't help ourselves!

Check out the cool signs of Route 66:

Perhaps one day Matt and I will be able to follow the entire road across the US.
I think it would be a fun adventure! Don't you?


  1. It sure was a fun and busy day!! Love when you are able to come visit when I am traveling! Thanks for making the weekend awesome!. Love you. Mom