Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cincinnatian Hotel Nichols Taupe

After four days of painting our master bedroom, it is finally done! Yes, you read that correctly. It took us four days.
Four very annoying days.
Why you ask?
Our master bedroom is large and we have large furniture – now add in a large scaffold to reach our high ceiling because we decided to paint everything including the ceiling. We had to move everything around and paint the room in quarters. We did not remove the bed or two large dressers from our room while painting.
Unfortunately, this process took much longer than I anticipated. I thought for sure I would get it done in two days.
Boy was I wrong.
Perhaps it would have gone quicker if I had enough paint to begin with and if we didn’t have to keep moving stuff to reach each area.
Here’s how it all went down:
Sunday I painted all the trim and all the doors in my room. I thought I was on a roll. I was moving along quickly and smoothly. Matt painted one side of the ceiling since evidently half the can (all I had) only covered one side with one coat. The ceiling sucked up the paint – I assume it hasn’t been painted except for the one time. I should have known we would need more paint.
Monday I painted almost half the walls. Went to Lowe’s to buy white ceiling paint and then I cut in along the ceiling. Would have liked to continue, but I had work on Tuesday.
Tuesday I painted most of the other walls. I then ran out of paint when I only had small area left and two walls that needed a second coat. Matt painted the ceiling with two good coats.
Wednesday I bought a quart of wall paint thinking this was enough. Used the entire can and could have used more. One wall did not get a second coat. I quit though. I don’t think anyone will ever notice except me. Thankfully that wall is mostly covered by a dresser.

I have no intentions of painting any of my other rooms again. I painted all the rooms when I first bought the house.
I have a few touch up spots throughout the house and my living room baseboards need to be painted. Then I am 100% done with painting.

Once I get our room together and decorated, I will post better pictures then these. A couple of months ago I claimed I would do this within a week. Sometimes I am a bad blogger.


  1. It must be such a relief for you to change the color. I think you knew it was not the best choice when you put it on last year but wanted to follow through on the commitment. It was nice but I L.O.V.E. this color! Looking forward to seeing it in person! I love you. Mom

    1. You will L.O.V.E. this color even more when you do see it in person. I almost wish I had painted the living room and kitchen this color. Maybe next house. Maybe I will be sick of it by then though. We will see.