Sunday, September 23, 2012

Canned Veggies Galore

This is our second week of trying to only spend $60 a week - with the exception of meat. 
We are saving for another cruise.
Can I even do it two weeks?
I couldn't.
Too good of deals this week. I have to re-evaluate my budget. I am thinking I will make a budget for every two weeks opposed to every week. Then I can adjust accordingly if there is a really good deal one week. Like what has happened to me this week.
I started off my day by going to the library to drop off my movies and pick up more books and another movie. The library is awesome since it is 100% free.
Next stop was Walgreen's for mouth products.
I started off with $8 in Register Rewards from two weeks ago and did two transactions.

Bought three bottles of Scope mouthwash and one tube of toothpaste for 2/$6
Used 3 $1.50 off and 1 $0.50 off coupons.
Also bought 6 small cans on tomato sauce.
Total spent $1.72 and have $6 in Register Rewards for later.
Had two codes for free Redbox movies.
Next stop was Meijer.
Here is where I went over on my budget. I had a good reason.
Not only did I get 4 dozen $0.99 eggs, but I also bought 144 cans of green beans, corn and peas.
Yep, 144.
Not all of them are for me though - just most of them.
$0.25 each.
Might need to buy some more. Maybe. This price is too good to pass.
I also got 20 boxes of appetizers.
$2.00 each
Used 10 $3.00 off coupons.
Had to remove them from the boxes in order to fit them in my freezer.

I ended up spending almost $80 on everything today. I fear I might have to spend a little more money on groceries in order to have everything I meant to buy in the beginning.

I have one more free pizza from Papa John's which I am ordering for dinner and we will be watching one of our free movies. Hope you have a nice evening planned as well.

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