Monday, September 17, 2012

3 Days of Indy

Matt and I decided to spend this past weekend in Indianapolis, IN since we had 2 free nights to use by the end of the year. We had gone here about five years ago and I remember having so much fun. This was the reason I wanted to go here again. Plus it is only about two hours from where we live which is convenient.

First of all, let me tell you – I am a moron.
We arrived at Indy and went to the JW Marriott to check-in. When we gave the guy our name we weren't in the computer. I pulled out my printed paperwork on the hotel and sure enough this was our hotel. He then asked for our conformation number. I pulled it up on the phone and realized this was not the hotel we were staying at.
OMG I am a moron!
I had been looking at the wrong hotel the whole time!
As in I printed hotel facts for the wrong place!
M O R O N !

Our actual hotel was nice. Wasn’t as grand as the JW Marriott, but still very pretty.
Probably the nicest hotel Matt and I have stayed at.
Here’s one side of our room:
I have a picture of the other side of the room that you can't see since Matt is in the picture and I have promised to never use him on this blog. Sorry about that.
I requested a high floor, but we still only got the 5th floor with a view of the front of the building. So much for my city view. Oh well though. I could have complained - didn't feel it was worth it.
We went to the Children’s Museum which is definitely geared more towards kids then I was expecting.
I think we saw everything in just over an hour.

I enjoyed seeing the Chihuly exhibit. Such beautiful artwork!
How does he make all of this?
Bumble Bee from Transformers was kind of cool to see.
Too bad he didn't actualo transform.
He he he....
Hot Wheels is the current exhibit. Got to see so many cars like this one.
I would be hot driving this wouldn't I?
Dinosaurs were neato.
I found this little guy to be very interesting.
All recycled materials.
Do you remember these toys?
I sure do.

The Indianapolis Zoo was awesome!
We went on Friday afternoon since it rained all morning. This must have kept people away. It was nice and empty! Just how we like it. :)

One of the highlights of the zoo was seeing the dolphins perform. Reminds me of Sea World.
We got to pet dog sharks.
I was a bit scared and only touched one for about 1.8 seconds.
 Some of my favorite zoo animals:
Sadly, due to the rain, I missed giraffe feeding time.

We tried two restaurants that were featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Both were a bit disappointing.
Boogie Burgers (we selected this one based on its name) and The Tamale Place (I like tamales).
Won't be going to those again.

Bought a Groupon for the Mystery Cafe - $40 for two tickets.
This consisted of two actors and them passing out parts to the audience. Boring!
Food was also blah!
Won't be going here again either.

We spent most of our time swimming. Luckily our hotel had an indoor pool and hot tub. Every time we went swimming we were the only ones there which made it more enjoyable. We liked switching from the hot tub to the pool back to the hot tub then the pool. Fun!
Have I mentioned I want a hot tub now?

Overall Indianapolis was relaxing, but not the place for us.

Did I have a nice time with Matt?

Did I eat some good food?

Was there lots to do?
Not in my opinion.

Would I go for another weekend?

Now I am saving up for another cruise. :)
What can I say, I am addicted to cruising!
I now eat, breath and sleep thinking about cruises.
I already have a few picked out. I need to talk Matt into going 7 days this time. He thinks 5 days is enough, but I couldn't disagree more.

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