Sunday, September 23, 2012

Canned Veggies Galore

This is our second week of trying to only spend $60 a week - with the exception of meat. 
We are saving for another cruise.
Can I even do it two weeks?
I couldn't.
Too good of deals this week. I have to re-evaluate my budget. I am thinking I will make a budget for every two weeks opposed to every week. Then I can adjust accordingly if there is a really good deal one week. Like what has happened to me this week.
I started off my day by going to the library to drop off my movies and pick up more books and another movie. The library is awesome since it is 100% free.
Next stop was Walgreen's for mouth products.
I started off with $8 in Register Rewards from two weeks ago and did two transactions.

Bought three bottles of Scope mouthwash and one tube of toothpaste for 2/$6
Used 3 $1.50 off and 1 $0.50 off coupons.
Also bought 6 small cans on tomato sauce.
Total spent $1.72 and have $6 in Register Rewards for later.
Had two codes for free Redbox movies.
Next stop was Meijer.
Here is where I went over on my budget. I had a good reason.
Not only did I get 4 dozen $0.99 eggs, but I also bought 144 cans of green beans, corn and peas.
Yep, 144.
Not all of them are for me though - just most of them.
$0.25 each.
Might need to buy some more. Maybe. This price is too good to pass.
I also got 20 boxes of appetizers.
$2.00 each
Used 10 $3.00 off coupons.
Had to remove them from the boxes in order to fit them in my freezer.

I ended up spending almost $80 on everything today. I fear I might have to spend a little more money on groceries in order to have everything I meant to buy in the beginning.

I have one more free pizza from Papa John's which I am ordering for dinner and we will be watching one of our free movies. Hope you have a nice evening planned as well.

Monday, September 17, 2012

3 Days of Indy

Matt and I decided to spend this past weekend in Indianapolis, IN since we had 2 free nights to use by the end of the year. We had gone here about five years ago and I remember having so much fun. This was the reason I wanted to go here again. Plus it is only about two hours from where we live which is convenient.

First of all, let me tell you – I am a moron.
We arrived at Indy and went to the JW Marriott to check-in. When we gave the guy our name we weren't in the computer. I pulled out my printed paperwork on the hotel and sure enough this was our hotel. He then asked for our conformation number. I pulled it up on the phone and realized this was not the hotel we were staying at.
OMG I am a moron!
I had been looking at the wrong hotel the whole time!
As in I printed hotel facts for the wrong place!
M O R O N !

Our actual hotel was nice. Wasn’t as grand as the JW Marriott, but still very pretty.
Probably the nicest hotel Matt and I have stayed at.
Here’s one side of our room:
I have a picture of the other side of the room that you can't see since Matt is in the picture and I have promised to never use him on this blog. Sorry about that.
I requested a high floor, but we still only got the 5th floor with a view of the front of the building. So much for my city view. Oh well though. I could have complained - didn't feel it was worth it.
We went to the Children’s Museum which is definitely geared more towards kids then I was expecting.
I think we saw everything in just over an hour.

I enjoyed seeing the Chihuly exhibit. Such beautiful artwork!
How does he make all of this?
Bumble Bee from Transformers was kind of cool to see.
Too bad he didn't actualo transform.
He he he....
Hot Wheels is the current exhibit. Got to see so many cars like this one.
I would be hot driving this wouldn't I?
Dinosaurs were neato.
I found this little guy to be very interesting.
All recycled materials.
Do you remember these toys?
I sure do.

The Indianapolis Zoo was awesome!
We went on Friday afternoon since it rained all morning. This must have kept people away. It was nice and empty! Just how we like it. :)

One of the highlights of the zoo was seeing the dolphins perform. Reminds me of Sea World.
We got to pet dog sharks.
I was a bit scared and only touched one for about 1.8 seconds.
 Some of my favorite zoo animals:
Sadly, due to the rain, I missed giraffe feeding time.

We tried two restaurants that were featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Both were a bit disappointing.
Boogie Burgers (we selected this one based on its name) and The Tamale Place (I like tamales).
Won't be going to those again.

Bought a Groupon for the Mystery Cafe - $40 for two tickets.
This consisted of two actors and them passing out parts to the audience. Boring!
Food was also blah!
Won't be going here again either.

We spent most of our time swimming. Luckily our hotel had an indoor pool and hot tub. Every time we went swimming we were the only ones there which made it more enjoyable. We liked switching from the hot tub to the pool back to the hot tub then the pool. Fun!
Have I mentioned I want a hot tub now?

Overall Indianapolis was relaxing, but not the place for us.

Did I have a nice time with Matt?

Did I eat some good food?

Was there lots to do?
Not in my opinion.

Would I go for another weekend?

Now I am saving up for another cruise. :)
What can I say, I am addicted to cruising!
I now eat, breath and sleep thinking about cruises.
I already have a few picked out. I need to talk Matt into going 7 days this time. He thinks 5 days is enough, but I couldn't disagree more.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Toilet Garden?

I finally found some good deals for my stock closet.
I was good on everything except shampoo and conditioner - now I am fully stocked once again.

This week at Walgreen's - buy any two Suave hair care products and get a $2 Register Reward.
Buy two for $1 each and they end up being FREE after RR!
I have bought a total of 8.
Might need to buy a few more. My Walgreen's only had a few left so I might not be able to get more.
I went to Kroger after work and stumbled upon some Clear shampoo/conditioner.
I never heard of this brand until yesterday when I bought a bottle for Matt at Walgreen's. They had it on sale for $4.99 and a $3 off coupon was on it. $2 was good to me.
However, when I was at Kroger I saw them on clearance for $2.49 each. I didn't have any coupons on me so I went home and got them and Matt. They had 10 left and I had enough coupons. We bought 5 each in 2 separate transactions. On the first transaction we got $0.50 in overages on each one. On the second transaction the cashier lowered the coupons to $2.49 each. FREE!
Have I mentioned FREE is my favorite price???
I can't help but share this picture I took a few weeks ago when I was at someones house.
It was in her backyard.
It was in her flower garden.
I don't even know what to say.....
I was speechless!
A toilet held flowers!
Flowers in a bowl!
In her garden!
Where people could see it!

Had the toilet seat up!

Do you think it falls down when it is windy?


I have no comment!

I suppose it is a conversation starter....

Sunday, September 9, 2012


My mom and I had a lovely 'date' last night!
We went to paint a canvas!
Not just any painting either.... we painted Van Gogh inspired NASHVILLE SKYLINE!

Since I grew up in the Nashville area and my mom still lives there, we decided this was the perfect painting for us. Especially since my mom loves most of Van Gogh's paintings.

I won't lie though.
I though for sure this would be difficult.
I am very pleased to say it wasn't. I am very happy with how the finished product.

We went to Uptown Art - same company I painted with last time here in Louisville.
We were the first people there which meant we got to select our seats first and talk to our instructor. We got the best spots in the whole place if you ask me. Right in the very front. :) And to think, my mom wanted to sit in the back at first. She later admitted the front is better then the back. We wouldn't have been able to see as well.
While we waited for class to begin we got all our necessarily supplies and looked around at all the different paintings in the room. They had so many different ones that I would like to paint. I know there are at least three I would like to do once they are available again.
Once all 51 of us were in the door seated with paint ready to go we started our masterpieces.
You do each layer at a time. One step at a time. The instructor walks you through everything.
We had a lady named Jennifer who was wonderful! She was very detail oriented on every step we painted  and I was very grateful for this.

The first thing that had to be done was the background.
Mine is on the left and my mom's is on the right.
 Then we painted the well known portion of Van Gogh's painting.
 My mom's

Next we added the Nashville skyline - mostly just the AT&T building (Batman) followed by more Van Gogh artwork in the water.
 My mom's
Both of them side by side 

Here is the teacher's painting:
What do you think?

I had such a nice time with my mom and I am looking forward to our next painting!

Just so Matt knows - their were about 5 guys here. Meaning I still want to create some art with you in the near future! :)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cincinnatian Hotel Nichols Taupe

After four days of painting our master bedroom, it is finally done! Yes, you read that correctly. It took us four days.
Four very annoying days.
Why you ask?
Our master bedroom is large and we have large furniture – now add in a large scaffold to reach our high ceiling because we decided to paint everything including the ceiling. We had to move everything around and paint the room in quarters. We did not remove the bed or two large dressers from our room while painting.
Unfortunately, this process took much longer than I anticipated. I thought for sure I would get it done in two days.
Boy was I wrong.
Perhaps it would have gone quicker if I had enough paint to begin with and if we didn’t have to keep moving stuff to reach each area.
Here’s how it all went down:
Sunday I painted all the trim and all the doors in my room. I thought I was on a roll. I was moving along quickly and smoothly. Matt painted one side of the ceiling since evidently half the can (all I had) only covered one side with one coat. The ceiling sucked up the paint – I assume it hasn’t been painted except for the one time. I should have known we would need more paint.
Monday I painted almost half the walls. Went to Lowe’s to buy white ceiling paint and then I cut in along the ceiling. Would have liked to continue, but I had work on Tuesday.
Tuesday I painted most of the other walls. I then ran out of paint when I only had small area left and two walls that needed a second coat. Matt painted the ceiling with two good coats.
Wednesday I bought a quart of wall paint thinking this was enough. Used the entire can and could have used more. One wall did not get a second coat. I quit though. I don’t think anyone will ever notice except me. Thankfully that wall is mostly covered by a dresser.

I have no intentions of painting any of my other rooms again. I painted all the rooms when I first bought the house.
I have a few touch up spots throughout the house and my living room baseboards need to be painted. Then I am 100% done with painting.

Once I get our room together and decorated, I will post better pictures then these. A couple of months ago I claimed I would do this within a week. Sometimes I am a bad blogger.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

St Louis Zoo & Budweiser

Sunday morning we had another early start.
Early starts are great while sightseeing – not many tourists seem to know this trick.
Maybe they do... how would I know?
We headed out to the St. Louis Zoo where we managed to score free street parking opposed to $12 zoo parking.

I immensely enjoyed the zoo!
Zoos are always fun to me. Matt and I always visit the zoo everywhere we go so at this point in my life, I have seen several!
While at the St Louis zoo we saw all sorts of animals like:

A Sloth Bear
 Penguins (several different species)
Do you see how fat the guy in the middle is? The lady at the zoo told us he is about to shed his feathers.

 Sea Lions
Did you know Bongos are almost extinct?
There are only about 100 left in the whole world. The WORLD! The ones at the St. Louis zoo are soon to be headed to Africa to be released to (hopefully) help populate the species.

I didn't know!
 We also saw the elephants
The guy in the water kept going completely in the water, then back up and then back down. We sure loved the water!

One of my favorite animals is the giraffe.
We saw them on the map and saw signs pointing to them, but we could never find them. Either they are no longer there or they have moved them to a super secret spot.

St Louis Zoo, which is? Where you hiding them? I need answers!

We had lunch at Imo’s Pizza. Imo’s is a chain only in the St Louis area.
It was so freaking good! I am very glad my co-worker suggested we eat there.
We liked it so much we ate here twice! And I brought some home for Matt!
What makes their pizza so unique is the provel cheese which is basically cheddar, swiss and provolone combined.

You can Google it to find more information.
After the zoo and lunch we went to tour Budweiser.
They had a tour beginning right when we got there which was nice not having to wait for one to start.
This tour was fun and very educational. Lasted about an hour.

They took us to see the Clydesdale horses and where they are housed.
We got to walk around the grounds and see several of the buildings on the inside.
They preserved a lot of the unique touches to these old building which was nice to see.
 Did you know Budweiser makes all of these drinks?
 Here are some of the pictures I took while walking through the bottling building:
I kept trying to read these TV screens. He he he!

As you can see, this is the Bud Light lines.

After the tour you get to sample the different beers.
I know this excites some people, but I am not a drinker so it didn’t really thrill me. You do get two full glasses worth. For FREE! I like free!

I first tried something called Wild Red – didn’t really like it.
My mom had Lime Rita which was very good so I made that my second sample. You can barely taste the alcohol – very appealing to me. (Couldn't find this at Meijer. I will check Kroger next.)

Oh ya - we also got free pretzels and free soda!
Wonderful tour!
I would do it again - you know, to get free pretzels. And drinks! Just joking! :)
Our last sightseeing stop of the day was to see where Lewis and Clark crossed the Mississippi River.
We got to watch an informative video and then look around the museum.

This is a replica of one of the ships they took across the river.
On the other side of this ship you were able to see how tightly everything was packed. Boy was it tight! Every nook and cranny was used - no wasted space! Best pack rats ever! I'm jealous!
 Here the guys are:

This is a replica of what their fort would have looked like. The fort would have been rougly right around where this replica was located. The ladies here said the houses are larger then they would have been back then. They were small! I cannot imagine them being even smaller.  
The lady gave us some very good background information on these - you should look this information up as well.
After all this sightseeing we were pooped.
We took a small break at the hotel room and then we ate dinner at 54th Street Grill which I believe is a chain only in the St. Louis area.
 My mom had chicken.
I had a burger with barbecue on it.
You can’t go wrong with that choice. It was yummy!

Our forth meal of the day:
More Imo's Pizza!
We couldn't help ourselves!

Check out the cool signs of Route 66:

Perhaps one day Matt and I will be able to follow the entire road across the US.
I think it would be a fun adventure! Don't you?