Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Home of the Arch and Budweiser Clydesdales

My mom and I had the opportunity to spend this past weekend together in St. Louis...
I had never been here before.

I had a wonderful time! Looking forward to our next mini vacation!
A big THANK YOU to my mom for providing the chance to go out there!
I am also thankful for my husband who doesn’t mind if I go on a mini vacation without him.

I decided to leave right after work on Friday (as in I was already packed the night before and I brought my stuff to work with me) in order to allow me to have as much time as I could there.
It took me about 4 ½ hours to get there from Louisville - very easy trip – just hop onto I-64 almost the whole way to the city.

Moving on to the good stuff of where we went, what we saw and where we ate....

You cannot visit St. Louis without going to see the Gateway Arch.

It’s a landmark!
A must see!
Even ‘Fox and Friends’ shows the Arch on the show’s intro music.
Do you disagree?
Surely not!

Saturday we got an early start and went here first before it got busy.
In case you are curious, they open at 8 AM every day of the year except for 2 days.
Like all tourists we took a bunch of pictures all around and next to the arch. We also went into the Arch to look around.

Did you know they have a small museum you can visit for free? We didn’t either.

When you first enter the Arch (the underneath), you walk into a big open area which I was not
expecting. A big circular counter manned by several people is directly in front of you waiting to assist you. Picture Ben Stiller walking into the Smithsonian Museum for the first time – it reminded me of that scene from the movie.

They had this beautiful work of art on the wall where a line forms to watch some sort of video we didn’t watch. We were so early no one was in line yet. Worked out nicely for my picture.

In the museum they had real looking ‘people’ telling you there stories about the Arch and how they are a part of it. They look extremely real! They just start 'talking' when you walk up to them. When no one is near them they don't talk, but their eyes continue to look around and blink. It is a bit creepy. I honestly thought they might be real people at first.
Makes me think I NEVER want to go to a wax museum - I might get too freaked out.
The museum displayed several different artifacts to include this tee pee:

My mom is nervous with heights so we did not go up into the Arch. Perhaps next time.
While looking for a place to park for the Arch (parking meter), we saw this gorgeous old Catholic church.
The moment you walk into the church you could feel the history oozing out from everywhere. It was a little frightening to me. I felt like I had walked back into time and was experiencing the church as it was 50 years ago.
I am very glad I got to see what a traditional Catholic Church looks like in comparison to the church we attend. I like our newer church look, but maybe the reason is because I am used to it. This seems much more formal then I like as well.
Check out this bicycle we saw on our way back to the car:
Crazy looking!
Next stop was to the Farmer’s market!
I loved how busy and fast paced the environment was in comparison to other ones I have visited.

In addition to the Gateway Arch, no trip to St. Louis is complete without seeing the Budweiser

Beautiful animals!
Check out these measurements:

To see these beauties we went to Grant’s Farm which is owned by Budweiser.
Grant’s Farm was marvelous!
Do not miss this stop if you make your way here!

The first thing we did when we got here was go to the right to see them. You can see some of the areas where they train, play and sleep.
One of the fun things we got to do was meet the famous Evan.

Evan’s claim to fame is when he starred in a Budweiser commercial several years ago when he was still young. He was the small/young Clydesdale attempting to pull the Budweiser sleigh and had to have help from two older Clydesdales to move it.
I had to YouTube it since I didn’t remember it.
Please watch!
Too cute!
Poor little guy kept pulling and pulling!
Just wasn't big enough to do it all by himself.

We had our picture taken with him. We were even able to pet him and ask his handler a few questions.

No one else was there to have their picture taken with him that early in the day. I stayed and petted him while mom paid and then we both petted him some more. We got lucky.
When I walked by again later in the day, his handler was washing his nose (she told me it was running).
She stopped and talked to me for a few minutes and I was able to pet him some more.
She must love her job!
They have very nice grounds at Grant’s Farm.
To view the other side of the farm you take a tram directly through the grounds - the scenic route to see a bunch of different animals.
They were so close to us!

Can you tell?

Even Matt was amazed when he saw the pictures.

We also saw President Ulysses S. Grant's house:

We got to feed goats.
What fun!
This was a new experience for me. Maybe for my mom as well.

Yes, they have a lot of goats. And yes, lots of people are there to feed them. Yet somehow these goats still acted like they were starving! You would feed one and then three others would come butt in! The moment you took away the bottle they would all leave you and go to the next person who was holding one out.
It was so funny!
And very cute!
Both my mom and I enjoyed this and would do it again!

Almost makes me want to have a few goats in my backyard so I can feed them bottles.
Not so sure Wyatt and Jake would appreciate sharing their yard with other animals. I’m not even sure they like sharing the yard with each other.

I did say 'almost'.

After leaving the farm we drove around the area where the zoo, art museum, history museum and other buildings were located.
Here are a few of the things we saw:

We ended our sightseeing filled day with cannoli from Vitale's Bakery and dinner at Favazza’s in the Hill.
The Hill is an area in St. Louis which is completely Italian.
So obviously, Favazza’s is an Italian restaurant.

Mom had chicken and I had steak.

We both had our leftovers boxed up only to be eaten later that evening.

Oh! I almost forgot to show you -
I have now seen the largest Catsup bottle in the US (maybe the world)!


  1. Awesome! I love to relive the weekend! I am looking forward to our next mini vaca!