Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dear Penn Station,

I love your sandwiches!
My husband loves your sandwiches!
We both love your fresh cut fries!

Makes my mouth water to even think about you and your sandwiches and fries.
I enjoy your honey mustard on my sandwich.
Is this supposed to be a secret ingredient?
I have been eating at your restaurants at least twice a month ever since Matt and I discovered you here
in Kentucky and I have been trying to figure out what brand of honey mustard you use.
Your employees never know the brand when I ask. Or are they not wanting to tell me?
Shame on you Penn Station if you are trying to keep this a secret. Secrets don’t make friends.

After 2 ½ years I now know the answer:
Naturally Fresh Honey Mustard Dressing

Hope you don’t mind me sharing this information – would be mean not to share.
We’ll still eat at your restaurants.

Thank you for your wonderful food!

Your loyal customer,

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