Monday, August 20, 2012

“And may the odds be ever in your favor”

Check out what I bought yesterday:
Yep – The Hunger Games on Blu-ray!
I bought mine from Kroger since they had a promotion going on to get all the items pictured for FREE
when you bought the movie. All for $19.99 - the same price as everywhere else without the free extras.
We watched it yesterday and I gotta tell you; it was as good as it was in theater. We need surround
sound at my house to make it even better. I had the TV volume up to 50 (I normally watch TV at about
20 or 25). Luckily for me, Matt was okay watching it so loud. In fact, I think he is used to it.
Sometime this week I plan on watching the second DVD to see if there are any good extras. I already
know there are no deleted scenes which makes me a little sad. Those are always my favorite.

Been wondering where I have been and why I haven’t been blogging?
The answer is very simple.
I haven’t had anything blog worthy to write about.
Nothing new is going on in my life. Nothing. I am hoping since it is starting to get cooler outside I will do
a little more. Then maybe I will have something to write about.
One of the other reasons I haven’t wrote is because I am a little ashamed to tell you I haven’t made
much progress in our bedroom. This will all change in two weeks. I decided to paint our entire bedroom
(ceiling and all) and I figure Labor Day weekend is a good time to do it. I am off work on that day so it
allows me an extra day to accomplish everything I want to complete. I have already picked out the color
and tested it on the wall. I am too lazy to get up and look at the name of the color or I would let you

I do have a few pictures of some things we have been doing over the last few weeks which I will share
with you.

We did have a chain link fence around most of our backyard – now we have wood!
We brought it in a few feet to make sure it is only on our property.
Both of us are greatly enjoying our new privacy fence. I think even our dogs enjoy it. I know I feel more
secure with the wood fence and our dogs. They are safe. The people who live on one side of me do not
watch their kids and I was always concerned they would put their fingers through the fence to pet Jake
or do something else to him and then he would bite them. He is a big softy so the likelihood was slim,
but I didn’t want to take the chance to allow that to happen and then have them sue us. They are THAT
type of people.
At least I get that feeling.
I could be wrong.
Matt thinks I am wrong.
I don’t think I am.
Enough of this though.
It’s a moot point now.
Better be.
Maybe we should get a ‘Beware of Dog’ sign.
Can people sue you if you have this sign and they still get bit?
Doesn’t seem they should be able to if you have a sign and they are on your property –trespassing. Of
course, while I was in college I took Business Law 101 and leaned if a robber comes into your home and
gets hurt they can sue you. So STUPID!

*Deep breath in*

Who makes these laws???

Speaking of my newly fenced in yard…. One day I gave Jake a brand new tennis ball.
He LOVES tennis balls!
He likes to chase them, hold them, and chew on them (So cute! You can see his jaw moving up and
down on the ball while in his mouth. It’s a funny sight to see.).
He even likes to bury them!
Makes me mad when he digs!
I gave him his second ball from his pack of three since he has the first one wedged under the
deck ‘hidden’. I threw it, he chased it, brought it back near me, I pried it from his teeth, and repeated.
Fun game he enjoys and I don’t mind playing.
Eventually I got sick of playing and went inside to do something. I couldn’t have been gone more than
five minutes when I came back outside to play some more with him.
I see Jake. I saw no ball.
Well, do you remember my ‘rock garden that I removed all the rocks and added soil and seeds to grow
It looked different to me.
He dug in it.
Not only dug, but buried his ball!
I unburied it.
Not sure he liked that so much.
He was very proud of himself - annoyed with me though!
Ha ha ha!
I showed him!

I made an ice cream cake.
We both immensely enjoyed it!
I won’t make another one until we have a birthday, holiday or something to celebrate. I made this one
for no reason at all since it was my first attempt.
It was very easy to make, just time consuming.
My ‘frosting’ was too thin. I need to work on a different recipe for this part. It had a wonderful taste –
like my mom said, ‘What’s not to like, it was just heavy whipping cream and powdered sugar!”.
My ice cream cake consisted of 2 layers of cake, 2 layers of ice cream and 2 layers of crushed up Oreos
in fudge. The only thing I would change in my ice cream cake is I would do three instead of two layers of
crushed up Oreos in fudge next time. This was my favorite part!
I need a birthday to celebrate so I can make another.
Guess I will have to wait for my birthday November.

One weekend when I was in Tennessee, my mom and I met my brother for brunch at Puckett’s Grocery
and Restaurant in downtown Nashville.
Really neat restaurant.
Had a steady flow of customers.
You can tell a lot about a place based on how busy they are. Obviously its name tells you what I used to
be, but now they only serve food and souvenirs.
This was my first time here. My brother evidently has been here several times and has even taken my
mom here once.
One day I will have to take Matt.
On my brother’s suggestion I ordered Puckett’s Famous Burger.
Somehow I forgot to take a picture of the actual burger so this is all you get.
(Not sure why this is sideways)
I was impressed was the taste of the burger and how it wasn’t dripping grease.

Happy Monday!

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