Monday, July 2, 2012

Should Have Taken The Drawers

This weekend while Matt and I were out we saw a bunch of furniture next to an apartment's dumpster.
Yes, I am THAT person!

I had already removed what I wanted when I took these pictures.

I pulled the car up to the dumpster and decided to look the dresser over. I would have taken it home, but 1. we were in the car and 2. the top portion was all broken (layers of plywood). I did however decide to take all the knobs and the feet off the dresser.
Looks nice though - too bad it didn't work out.
Please ignore the dirty counter and stove.

The knobs were in good condition and I know I can use them. The feet will look good on a different piece of furniture. Not sure what yet. I just know it will dress up something plain. It gives me a new mission. I want to use them on something! Anything! LOL!

I am very happy with my finds.
The knobs alone are at least $1/each and need I knobs for a dresser I am painting. 

Last night I was looking on Pintrest and saw this:

Now I am wishing I had thought to take the dresser drawers!
They would have been perfect to use under our bed for extra storage. Darn! Now I need to find another dumpster dresser. Easier said than done of course. You have to be quick when you see that kind of stuff.
Every time I have put something out with my trash or in my front yard with a 'free' sign they have always been taken very quickly. Even the junk!

I have gotten rid of a bed frame plus 2 extra pieces, shelving unit, plastic drawer unit, and cabinets from my garage just by placing them in the front yard with a free sign. People will take ANYTHING!
Not that I am one to talk. :)

Jake did great with a long car this weekend:

Due to his large size (he's practically a giant!) we had to remove Wyatt's car seat and he got to sit in my lap (last blog posting).

They are both so cute!

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