Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Master Bedroom To Do

I probably shouldn’t have more than one room's to do list going on at a time, but I am going to throw caution in the wind.
Since the rooms are joined together I figure I might as well work on them both at the same time. When I get mad and annoyed at one room I can work on the other. Might make my life a little easier. That's the hope anyways. Plus most of these items are long-term goals that I am not going to complete until I find some cheap furniture (annotated with a star).

Our room currently looks like a student's bedroom. I want it to look more like an adult room.
Looks so plain and boring in these pictures.

My master bedroom to do list is as follows:
1.   Paint wall above bed or entire room
2.   Buy and install blinds in window arch
3.   Hang newly painted mirror
4.   Move in newly painted dresser
5.   Move some of my clothes to newly painted dresser
6.   Move some of Matt's clothes to where mine were
7.   Hang artwork/pictures
8.   Remove red sticker from ceiling fan
9.   Make headboard*
10. Make bench*
11. Paint ceiling*
12. Add storage under bed

The explanations are as follows:
1.   Hate the blue
2.   Keep forgetting to order
3.   Just painted
4.   Just painted
5.   Will be closer to all my other clothes
      Stayed tuned for a whole blog on my mirror and dresser project
6.   Will make all Matt's clothes be closer together
7.   Want the room to feel homey
8.   Forgot to take down one sticker
9.   Have a few ideas
10. Need a skinny coffee table for my Pinterest inspired idea
11. Not looking forward to doing this - not sure if I will do it
12. Need dresser drawers for my other Pinterest inspired idea

More time consuming items on this to do list then my master bathroom list, huh?
Keep in mind some of the items might not get done anytime soon though. I am just sick of looking around my house at all the things I want to get done. Of course, I know once these tasks are done I will probably find more to do.
Go figure!

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