Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Black and Brown

When Matt moved into my house (now ours), he brought with him 2 dressers. Wood dressers. Old with great potential.
One he is using for the drawer space/hold his TV in his TV room and the other is currently in the garage waiting to be either in our room or the guest room (the knobs I found might be going on this one). I knew instantly I wanted to do something to them. Too bad it is so hot right now and I don't want to be outside sanding and painting.

My temporarily solution was to scrub everything and paint all the handles black to make them pop.
Would make his old dresser look newer.

Matt keeps reminding me I always tell him brown and black do not match. Guess I am a hypocrite.

While removing all of the handles I noticed two of them were broke. No problem. Only the dresser in his TV room will get six of the old handles and the other dresser will get three new ones (or found at a dumpster ones).

After cleaning all the handles I took them outside to be painted:
First I primed them all:
Then I painted them black and proceeded to forget to take a picture.
I think I did three coats of black. I did not want any gold showing plus I had to paint once with the handle down, then with the handle up.

Well, the satin paint I was using did not look good. I wanted a glossy shine to them.
Back to the store to buy glossy paint followed by three more coats.

Would have been less if this paint didn't take so darn long to dry which caused the handles to stick and pull up a little of the paint and then I had to fix them.
I finally had to loop them in string and hang them for several hours!

Here is the finished look of newly spray painted handles on a freshly cleaned dresser:
Not too shabby if I say so myself.
I think I will re-do them silver though. Not sure if I am liking the black on the brown.
Can't wait to get the other one painted. I need a nice cool day in order to motivate myself to go outside though. Could be awhile.
Check out my green beans I picked this evening from my garden:
I put them next to a Jell-o box to show you the size of them.
Big, huh?


  1. Awesome Jess! I love the updated look on the dresser. I wouldn't change a thing. And the green proud of my gardener daughter! Love you...Mom