Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Master Bedroom To Do

I probably shouldn’t have more than one room's to do list going on at a time, but I am going to throw caution in the wind.
Since the rooms are joined together I figure I might as well work on them both at the same time. When I get mad and annoyed at one room I can work on the other. Might make my life a little easier. That's the hope anyways. Plus most of these items are long-term goals that I am not going to complete until I find some cheap furniture (annotated with a star).

Our room currently looks like a student's bedroom. I want it to look more like an adult room.
Looks so plain and boring in these pictures.

My master bedroom to do list is as follows:
1.   Paint wall above bed or entire room
2.   Buy and install blinds in window arch
3.   Hang newly painted mirror
4.   Move in newly painted dresser
5.   Move some of my clothes to newly painted dresser
6.   Move some of Matt's clothes to where mine were
7.   Hang artwork/pictures
8.   Remove red sticker from ceiling fan
9.   Make headboard*
10. Make bench*
11. Paint ceiling*
12. Add storage under bed

The explanations are as follows:
1.   Hate the blue
2.   Keep forgetting to order
3.   Just painted
4.   Just painted
5.   Will be closer to all my other clothes
      Stayed tuned for a whole blog on my mirror and dresser project
6.   Will make all Matt's clothes be closer together
7.   Want the room to feel homey
8.   Forgot to take down one sticker
9.   Have a few ideas
10. Need a skinny coffee table for my Pinterest inspired idea
11. Not looking forward to doing this - not sure if I will do it
12. Need dresser drawers for my other Pinterest inspired idea

More time consuming items on this to do list then my master bathroom list, huh?
Keep in mind some of the items might not get done anytime soon though. I am just sick of looking around my house at all the things I want to get done. Of course, I know once these tasks are done I will probably find more to do.
Go figure!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Master Bathroom To Do

I have decided to take a few pictures and post this in hopes that it will prompt me to work a little quicker as doing things I have been wanting to get done.
July 15th marks the one year anniversary of when I closed on my house and there are still a few things I want to finish.
I have noticed several bloggers post a to do list and it seems they finish what they set out to do so I have decided to give it a try. Why not? I have nothing to lose except for you all to realize I am slacker if I don't get everything on my list done. If I do finish everything on my list, I will be happy with my accomplishments and you will be impressed by my quickness.
Ha ha ha! :)

I am starting with the smallest room in my house - the master bathroom. Even though this is a very small room I do have a BUNCH of things to complete.
Check out how small this room is:
 The length of the right side of the room is the shower.
The other side houses the sink and toilet with no extra space.

My to do list is as follows:
1.   Make frame around mirror
2.   Change shower curtain
3.   Change shower head
4.   Paint air vent
5.   Buy new floor mat
6.   Buy and install new toilet cover
7.   Install shelf
8.   Add artwork
9.   Add spice rack
10. Paint cabinet knobs
11. Paint cabinet white (above toilet)
12. Remove gunk from sink faucet

13. Add light switch

I think this is everything I am wanting to accomplish. If I do anything else I will add it.

The explanations are as follows:
1.   Seems easy enough (for Matt) to make using the fake 'wood'
2.   Already have one I bought a long time ago on clearance from Target
3.   Already have one from my first appointment
4.   Have done this before - very easy to do
5.   Need to find the perfect one
6.   Hate the soft one currently on the seat
7.   Already have one
8.   Not sure what I will use
9.   Saw an awesome idea on Pinterest
10. Will make them look new
11. Might do this - not sure if I will
12. Another Pinterest inspiration

13. Last one broke

I figure I will check back in a week and give you my progress. I am really going to try and get everything done within a month.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Black and Brown

When Matt moved into my house (now ours), he brought with him 2 dressers. Wood dressers. Old with great potential.
One he is using for the drawer space/hold his TV in his TV room and the other is currently in the garage waiting to be either in our room or the guest room (the knobs I found might be going on this one). I knew instantly I wanted to do something to them. Too bad it is so hot right now and I don't want to be outside sanding and painting.

My temporarily solution was to scrub everything and paint all the handles black to make them pop.
Would make his old dresser look newer.

Matt keeps reminding me I always tell him brown and black do not match. Guess I am a hypocrite.

While removing all of the handles I noticed two of them were broke. No problem. Only the dresser in his TV room will get six of the old handles and the other dresser will get three new ones (or found at a dumpster ones).

After cleaning all the handles I took them outside to be painted:
First I primed them all:
Then I painted them black and proceeded to forget to take a picture.
I think I did three coats of black. I did not want any gold showing plus I had to paint once with the handle down, then with the handle up.

Well, the satin paint I was using did not look good. I wanted a glossy shine to them.
Back to the store to buy glossy paint followed by three more coats.

Would have been less if this paint didn't take so darn long to dry which caused the handles to stick and pull up a little of the paint and then I had to fix them.
I finally had to loop them in string and hang them for several hours!

Here is the finished look of newly spray painted handles on a freshly cleaned dresser:
Not too shabby if I say so myself.
I think I will re-do them silver though. Not sure if I am liking the black on the brown.
Can't wait to get the other one painted. I need a nice cool day in order to motivate myself to go outside though. Could be awhile.
Check out my green beans I picked this evening from my garden:
I put them next to a Jell-o box to show you the size of them.
Big, huh?

Monday, July 2, 2012

Should Have Taken The Drawers

This weekend while Matt and I were out we saw a bunch of furniture next to an apartment's dumpster.
Yes, I am THAT person!

I had already removed what I wanted when I took these pictures.

I pulled the car up to the dumpster and decided to look the dresser over. I would have taken it home, but 1. we were in the car and 2. the top portion was all broken (layers of plywood). I did however decide to take all the knobs and the feet off the dresser.
Looks nice though - too bad it didn't work out.
Please ignore the dirty counter and stove.

The knobs were in good condition and I know I can use them. The feet will look good on a different piece of furniture. Not sure what yet. I just know it will dress up something plain. It gives me a new mission. I want to use them on something! Anything! LOL!

I am very happy with my finds.
The knobs alone are at least $1/each and need I knobs for a dresser I am painting. 

Last night I was looking on Pintrest and saw this:

Now I am wishing I had thought to take the dresser drawers!
They would have been perfect to use under our bed for extra storage. Darn! Now I need to find another dumpster dresser. Easier said than done of course. You have to be quick when you see that kind of stuff.
Every time I have put something out with my trash or in my front yard with a 'free' sign they have always been taken very quickly. Even the junk!

I have gotten rid of a bed frame plus 2 extra pieces, shelving unit, plastic drawer unit, and cabinets from my garage just by placing them in the front yard with a free sign. People will take ANYTHING!
Not that I am one to talk. :)

Jake did great with a long car this weekend:

Due to his large size (he's practically a giant!) we had to remove Wyatt's car seat and he got to sit in my lap (last blog posting).

They are both so cute!