Thursday, June 28, 2012

What Is That???

Normally in the morning when I let Wyatt out Jake is under the deck keeping cool. He then sticks his head out to see who's there and what we are up to. Once he sees it is us he usually wants to be rubbed. (He is kept in a gated area within our area at night.)
Not today.
Today he was staring at the sky. I thought it was odd but didn't bother to think much about it since I was running late for work.

Had I of looked up, I would have seen this (if the sun had been up):
Do you see it?

Matt called me shortly after I arrived at work to tell me a raccoon was in our tree and Jake wanted to 'play' with the animal.
I didn't believe him at first.
In my head I was all -
"A raccoon?"
"A raccoon in the tree?"
"In our tree?"

I did eventually believe him. LOL!

When I got home I got to see it for myself.
Sure enough - a raccoon in our tree!
The poor guy was hot!
He was panting!

He kept moving around and we thought for sure he would come down.
He didn't.
Eventually we decided to go inside and eat dinner when all of a sudden we heard a big thump. Matt got up and told me it was Jake.
The raccoon had climbed down!
He was drinking water from one of Jake's water buckets. He even had the audacity to practically climb into the water.

Luckily Jake was locked up in his pen so we didn't think he could get hurt or hurt the animal.
Some how he broke through it and scared the raccoon back up the tree!
We wanted him gone!

Look what this crazy dog did!
Just kept circling the tree in hopes of catching the raccoon.
Too bad he was already at the very top of the tree.
Jake didn't stand a chance unless he to climbed the tree which was not happening.
Now Jake is back in his pen and we are settling in for bed.
The raccoon is still in the tree. We are hoping he will be gone in the morning.

In other news, I got my new social security card and I got my new driver's license with my new last name!
Whoo hoo!


  1. Awww. Poor thing! Too hot to be stuck up in the tree.