Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wedding Recep (For My Records)

Wednesday before wedding:
  • Last day of work
  • Went home and mowed the yard
  • Packed
  • Cleaned the house
Thursday before wedding:
  • Finished cleaning the house
  • Unplugged all electronics
  • Picked up dress at noon
  • Drove to TN to mom's house
  • Got marriage license in KY    
Friday before wedding:
  • Last minute wedding shopping with my mom
  • Got manicure and pedicure with my mom
  • Checked into cabin
  • Relaxed with extended family at wedding location
Saturday, day of wedding:
  • Woke up and ate breakfast
  • Helped setup wedding reception and site
  • Got showered and dressed
  • Took family pictures in jeans and white/black shirts
  • Took wedding pictures
  • Got married at 1 PM (SO HOT!!!)
  • Left around 5 or 6 PM
After we were married, we hung out for a little while then went to the cabin to change and pack up some of our items over at the cabin. By the time we returned to the reception area our family had already took down all our decorations and packed them all away (THANK YOU!). We said our goodbyes and then headed to our parents house to let our dogs out was on the way and to grab Matt's suitcase. We chose to do this so our family wouldn't have to worry about doing it and they could enjoy spending time with our extended family who they don't see very often.

We had decided to drive about 4 hours of our total 10 hours to our honeymoon destination that night. I booked the hotel room in advance so we wouldn't have to worry about looking for a room.
We stopped around 9 PM for dinner from Wendy's drive thru. We had wanted Panera but they were already closed by the time I tugged on there door. We had both wanted a salad, but ended up with burgers and fries. Extreme opposites, I know.
It was around midnight when we go to the hotel we had booked.
We were both too tired to do anything more then brush our teeth and crawl into bed and fall asleep. Didn't even have enough energy to shower. :(

The next morning we were up early.
We ate breakfast at Burger King and drove the rest of the way to Charleston, South Carolina for the first part of our honeymoon.
I'll write all about our honeymoon soon. Stay tuned.
This is where you will get to see a bunch of pictures. I got photo happy!

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